Facebook News Feed Update – How You Can Benefit

Posted on August 7, 2013

If you’ve been in the social media world for a while you’ll be painfully aware that the Facebook news feed, and the Edgerank algorithm which powers it, have always been, to a degree, a mystery. Social media managers have been able to run tests and approximate how the algorithm works but we’ve never received anything concrete about the Facebook news feed from Facebook – until today that is.

Today Facebook posted their first blog post about their news feed and revealed that they are rolling out an update for the newsfeed. This update will make it easier for older posts in the news feed to resurface. An extract from the blog states:

“Previously, people read 57% of the stories in their News Feeds, on average. They did not scroll far enough to see the other 43%. When the unread stories were resurfaced, the fraction of stories read increased to 70%.”

I’d advise you to check out the full blog post and bookmark that page so that you receive future updates. Now, time for how you can benefit from the knowledge of this news feed update.

Facebook News Feed

Facebook News Feed – Image from Facebook Blog

Facebook News Feed Update – How You Can Benefit

If you read the Facebook blog post they mention how old posts can resurface and state:

“Now organic stories that people did not scroll down far enough to see can reappear near the top of News Feed if the stories are still getting lots of likes and comments.”

If you have an important Facebook post (sales message, product update, job opening etc) that got some interaction traction when initially posted but then fizzled out this news feed update will now allow you to increase the reach of the old post.

“to rekindle an old post in the Facebook news feed…”cross pollinate” it.”

One way to rekindle the old post would be to “bump” it by posting a link on your Facebook page to the previous update. When the link is clicked this would take likers back to the old post where they’d be able to see all the previous interactions with that post and then more inclined to  interact themselves. Their interaction would then in turn allow the old post to resurface in the Facebook news feed for more likers to see.

Another way to rekindle an old post in the Facebook news feed is would be to “cross pollinate” it. That is to say, share the link to the old post to your Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and whatever other social network you have to try get a few interactions to your old post. Depending on the number of likers your page has just a small amount of interactions could bring your old post back to the top.

Any tips or tricks yourself? Comment below with them and share this post with anyone who may benefit from it.

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