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Get Into Your SEO Gym

SEO gym

You ready for a bit of an SEO analogy? Well, even if you’re not, here it comes – your website is your gym and bicep curls are you SEO efforts.

When we get new clients asking us to build WordPress sites for them and then enquiring about on-going SEO services I then pull out the SEO gym analogy to give clients a good understanding of what SEO involves.

The WordPress sites we build are built with SEO in mind from the ground up. All pages are given tailored SEO titles, descriptions etc. Pages are then checked for keyword density and page load speed is appraised. Once the site passes all the SEO checks we then put a fork in it and pass the completed, SEO proofed site on to clients. They have now received their SEO gym.

blog posts and pages are your main exercise tools for sculpting your SEO guns

Some clients think think that SEO is just a case of building a well optimised site and then badda bing, they can sit back on the organic web traffic gravy train. However, like social media not being easy, neither is SEO.

You have to view your site as gym. Within your site you have blog posts and pages which are your main exercise tools for sculpting your SEO guns. No body builder ever got to Schwarzenegger status without putting in years of hard graft, gulping down raw eggs and living by the mantra of “no pain, no gain”.

Get Into Your SEO Gym!

For your site to become an SEO Schwarzenegger you need to hit the gym regularly. There is no other way for muscles to develop without working out, in fact, if you don’t exercise your muscles can atrophy and that is also true for SEO. Google likes a steady stream of new, fresh, SEO friendly content and if you don’t give it to Google then you won’t get the results you want.

If you want to get better results from your SEO efforts make sure you treat your SEO like a muscle. You have to maintain it and encourage it to grow but be aware of “shortcuts to success”. Like steroids for muscles there is an equivalence for SEO steroids too but these should be avoided. It’s not worth the risk as taking some the SEO steroids might result in your gym being blacklisted and then where are you?

So, to conclude, SEO is about regular maintenance and ensuring that you do lots of little things frequently to keep all the muscles in shape. It also helps if you know how to train your muscles properly and that’s what we help our clients with. But, we can’t make them go to gym.

Do you have any SEO analogies you’d like to share? Love a good analogy I do – comment below and thanks for reading!

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