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Google Loves Robert Ryan But Hates Me

Robert Ryan Mug shot

Well, maybe the terms love and hate are too strong. Google, its crawling spiders and algorithms are robots and bereft of any emotion, but the way Google ranks me for the term Robert Ryan sure makes me think that they don’t have much love for me. Check out the rankings for my page for my name – currently 47th.

Robert Ryan ranking

It’s an exercise that we’ve all engaged in when we Google our names to see where we rank or what comes up. When I gave Robert Ryan a Google I quickly found out how many famous Robert Ryans there are out there and why I’m in 47th position. There is the rather talented Robert Ryan the illustrator who does some pretty cool illustrations on a variety of different mediums (like my coffee mug beside my mug in the picture, the ultimate mugshot!). There is also Robert Ryan the baseball player who if you check out his stats looks like he has had nearly as many teams as he has had games played. I really could go on listing all the famous Robert Ryans – there are so many there is even a WikiPedia disambiguation page for the name.

Google Loves Robert Ryan But Hates Me

Now, thankfully, I’m not trying to rank for the name Robert Ryan – I’d much prefer to be found when people search for “WordPress developer” or “SEO expert” and Google has a bit more love for me in that regard as the current ranking shows.

WordPress Developer ranking

With that said, even though I’m not trying to get the top spot for the term “Robert Ryan” I can see it becoming a bit of a mini quest in the ultimate SEO game. Given how competitive the term actually is it would be a nice coup if I can can rank highly for it in the SERPS – so stay tuned to see how I get on.

So, now you know where I rank for my name what about you? Have you Googled your name before (of course you have!)? Where do you rank for it? Comment below with your rank and feel free to share!

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