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Google PageRank is Back!

Google PageRank is back

Just a quick update for you now to let you know, in case you haven’t already heard, that Google PageRank is back, for now at least. And, it’s actually made me happier than it probably should have.

The SEO world is all a chatter today as Google pageranks around the globe, which haven’t been updated since way earlier this year, and according to Matt Cutts were due to be phased out or discontinued, have been updated. My site which heretofore had no Google Pagerank has now been given a PR3, a solid start and hence the happiness.

Did your site get a change in Google Pagerank? You can check your pagerank by using one of the many SEO toolbars available or by visiting a site like If this is the first time you’ve heard of Google Pagerank then you can have a quick read up about it here – what is Google Pagerank.

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