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Google Plus Meets The Business Post

Google Plus Meets The Business Post

If you’re an avid reader of this site you might have noticed a dip in frequency of posts lately and for that I apologise. I’ve been thankfully extremely busy with WordPress web design projects and have a lot of sites being developed at the moment so time has been scarce. But, with that said, I did find time to respond to a request from Danielle Ryan (no relation) of the Business Post as she wanted me to write a piece about Google Plus a while back..There’s nothing nicer than when a journalist gets in touch so needless to say I was happy to oblige let Google Plus meet the Business Post.

The article itself – 4 advantages of using Google Plus for your business – is my take on the top four advantages of Google Plus, namely:

You can read the full article at the above link. Well, it’s not fully full – the article is derived from what I wrote about Google Plus. In the original offering I had a 5th tip for Google Plus which, for posterity (I’m a hoarder of all sorts), I’ll include below:

No. 5 Plus Your Business
There are many people who have embraced Google Plus prior to myself and one of the most circled and highly regarded this side of the pond is Martin Shervington from The reason why I mention Martin is because he embodies, and is probably helping sculpt, the ethos of Google Plus. It is a network where you give help and advice without really asking for anything in return (obviously, charge people for your products/services but don’t skimp on the free good stuff). There are bonafide experts all over Google Plus who dish out superb information that really will, when understood and utlised, benefit your SME.

If I were to name a circle of 5 that you should follow to help you on your Google Plus journey they would have to be (in no particular order): Martin Shervington, Christine DeGraff, Mark Traphagen, Dustin Stout and Rick Eliason (give them a Google, you’ll find them, it’ll be worth it). The tip might seem like a scant one but I assure you it isn’t. Look, watch and listen to what these G+ users do and from that you’ll get more ideas on how you could and should use Google Plus.

Once again, thanks to Danielle for getting in touch with me for the article. Also, it feels good to get the blog gears turning again so brace yourself for more frequency (avid readers and you soon to be avid readers)!

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