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Google Plus Serendipity – Blast Off with Martin Shervington


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to serendipity and good things coming your way online there is no better platform than Google Plus. Google Plus serendipity has struck time and time but when Martin Shervington contacted me to help him out with an infographic I knew the Google Plus serendipity machine had well and truly blasted off.

If you’re not a Google Plus user then let me first give you some background on Martin – he’s a big deal! When I first started on Google Plus he was one the people I looked up to and learned from (like countless thousands of others). As you can see from his CircleCount screenshot, Martin has just shy of 350,000 followers which have viewed his profile over 42 million times! They are some big numbers and that’s what made it all the more surprising when he pinged me a message asking if I’d like to have a hangout with him to discuss a possible collaboration.

Long story short, I didn’t say no to collaborating with Martin – who in their right mind would? He wanted myself and graphic designer Elena Montes to create a co-branded infographic for his ultimate Google Plus Consultant check list, with a nifty cosmic theme. Task in hand we set about creating the infographic for Martin which you can see below. Since launch the infographic has been viewed thousands of times but the question you might be asking is “Hey Rob, how or why did Martin get in touch with you?!?” – so, let me try answer that one for you.

Google Plus Serendipity – Blast Off with Martin Shervington

How did Martin know that myself and Elena produce infographics to be in a position to contact me? With the guts of 350,000 followers how did he even know I existed? Well, let’s go back to the start.

You remember my banana photo and yellow background? Or, do you remember my Google Plus K1 Challenge? Well, it was during my K1 Challenge back in December when I first crept onto Martin’s radar and we’ve been in ad hoc contact since. Avid readers of this blog (oh, and how I hope there are many!) will have noticed an uptick in infographic orientated posts over the last few months. Martin recently spotted the “How to Get Over 250 Shares on Google Plus” which then prompted him to reach out.

Based on that last paragraph I think we can make the following deductions to try increase the likelihood of Google Plus serendipity:

Google Plus Serendipity – Blast Off with Martin Shervington

Thankfully this isn’t the first bit of Google Plus serendipity that I’ve experienced and I sure hope it won’t be the last. If you have haphazardly or randomly found this post via Google Plus (or, even if you haven’t) then do reach out and let’s see where it’ll lead us. Also, top tip at this stage is to join my mailing list below as that way you’ll be kept up to speed with any big developments and won’t miss any of my best posts.

Anyway, hope you like the infographic below and come on, reach out and touch fate!

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