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Google Plus Usage in the United States by Jesse Wojdylo – Guest Post

Google Plus Usage in the United States Flag of Google Plus

I’ve got a special treat for you now as Google Plus expert, Jesse Wojdylo, from Wojdylo Social Media has kindly written a guest blog post about Google Plus Usage in the United States for His broad analysis on Google Plus and its usage in the United States gives us an insight that we here in Ireland/Europe don’t usually get. Thanks to Jesse for writing and hope you enjoy the read.

Google Plus Usage in the United States by Jesse Wojdylo – Guest Post

Perspective is a very important aspect of life. We all see things through different eyes. While I would love to say that Google Plus is the largest and best social platform on the Internet I cannot do so. I can say it is the best for me. I can say that it is the best for content writers and content creators. I can claim that it is the best for most of my clients. I cannot say it is the best for local restaurants looking to promote contests and gift cards. I cannot make the statement that it is the best for all small businesses in the southern part of the United States that want to use a social platform just to reach those online. Social platforms are all different and here is what I have seen about Google Plus usage in the United States.

Google Plus Offers a New Audience

Google Plus Usage in the United States – Social Network Comparison

Time after time (great song!) I explain to clients that Google Plus is not the largest social network. What it is is a new social network that offers exposure to potential customers and clients. Facebook has peaked and it can be hard to fight the EdgeRank algorithm. Twitter can get very noisy; especially in certain niches. Pinterest and Instagram are picture based but that can limit an audience. Google Plus offers an opportunity to reach a broad audience that may not buy a product but they can help with word of mouth marketing.

Over the course of the last two weeks I have had over two dozen email proposals for my service of content writing and copywriting. Every single one of these email proposals were a direct result of the relationships I have built on Google Plus. I did not know it at the time of the email or phone call but eventually I discovered that I was referred by a Plusser. I have never had a referral from Twitter or LinkedIn. I have worked diligently to build those social networks but they are not as effective, for me, as Google Plus. If you are seeking a content writer reach out to me via email at The least I can do is look at the proposal.

Facebook is a place that I could reach out to old friends and family but are they going to progress my career as a content writer and a copywriter? Maybe some, but I have found that most people on Facebook are more concerned with complaining about their current life position or posting pictures of their dramatic encounters. Count me out.

Google Plus Niches That Are Growing

When I first hopped on Google Plus in March of 2012 it was truly a ghost town in the sports and entertainment industry. I was one of the only active Google Plussers that was talking about college athletics. Having been a former college athlete myself I absolutely love the college atmosphere. If you follow me on Google Plus you have seen pictures from the UNC lacrosse, field hockey, soccer, basketball and football games. On any given Friday night in the fall I will be posting pictures from the UNC Volleyball games. It is something that is in my blood.

Image from the Google Plus College Football Community Page

As I stated, this time last year I was one of the only people posting this type of content. That has drastically changed. Google Plus has opened the doors to the sports and entertainment niche. So much so that the NFL community has almost 25,000 members. When I started the college football community in December of 2012 it was difficult to add a handful of new members in a week. Now the community is over 7000 members and we are adding 50 new Google Plus users on a daily basis.

I cannot make an argument that global sports has seen an uptick because my sports passion is limited to the United States. If the United States is started to see growth in this entertainment industry I would imagine other countries are seeing the same thing. I would love to hear from some of the international Google Plus users to see if sports and entertainment has picked up in their part of the world. Please feel free to comment below or message me on Google Plus.

What’s Next?

I have said from the beginning that it is all in due time before Google Plus becomes the largest social network in the world. Unlike Facebook, Google Plus is not limited to just social interactions via status and picture updates. Google owns YouTube, GMail, Android, Google Maps and Search. As Google continues to integrate Google Plus into these services more and more users will update their profiles just because it is the “social” thing to do. We have already noticed a large increase in Google Plus usage with the advancements of Communities. Imagine what will happen if Google released live streaming TV through a computer. What about when Google Glass becomes available to the public. There are many projects that Google is working on that will make Google Plus even better. That’s a plus.

Once again, many thanks to Jesse for this great post about Google Plus Usage in the United States. Now, it’s over to you! What are your thoughts on Google Plus – have you witnessed it grow rapidly lately? Or, are you in Google Minus camp and not a fan of it? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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