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Graphic Designer – – WordPress Site Launch

Graphic and Web Design Elena Montes

It’s Monday and a new site has just rolled out of the production yard and gone live. Elena Montes is a graphic designer who has done some work in the past with myself and Niall. She has a keen eye for web design and as such is a new recruit into the “WordPress Mafia” where her design skills will be put to good use.

Elena wanted her site to be clean and minimalistic and, unsurprisingly, she did all the artwork and design for the site herself (as seen below). The site layout is standard enough for a brochure site but makes it easy for people to find whatever info they are looking for. One of the things I really like about the site is how responsive it is – it’s a real beauty of a site to view on mobile. Another feature of the site that I like is the toggle box up the top which may eventually house a mailing list sign up form (should Elena be persuaded).

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Graphic Designer – – WordPress Site Launch

SEO wise this site is going to try take a piece of the very competitive “web design” and “graphic design” pie. I’m in the process of compiling a social media strategy for Elena – given the amount of high quality graphics she is producing she should never run out of excellent social media fodder. On top of that, as she gets more work she’ll be able to use content marketing to her advantage and spin keyword focused stories. Like we say to all our clients re SEO, the real work only starts once the site goes live. We can put in place the SEO foundations for your site to succeed but nowadays SEO is all about ongoing effort.

You can visit Elenas new site right here –> Web Design

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