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MailChimp Integration for WordPress

MailChimp Integration for WordPress

MailChimp Integration for WordPress can sometimes be a tricky nut to crack. In theory it should be simple as it’s just a case of getting some code from MailChimp and dropping it in the right place for your site but often times it can leave you frustrated, scratching your and and wondering “What the deuce?!”

If you haven’t heard of MailChimp yet then you should check them out. They are one of the biggest providers of mailing list software, particularly to small SMEs, in the world. It’s very easy to set up your MailChimp account and to get started building your list. Within MailChimp there is a simple enough form builder that you can use to drag and drop to create your sign up forms however the MailChimp Integration for WordPress can still be problematic. Until today that is.

MailChimp Integration for WordPress

Between myself and Niall Flynn (the lead developer for WordPress sites I build) we’ve tried and tested umpteen plugins for MailChimp integration for WordPress but each one came up short of what we needed (and, probably, what YOU need too). The problems with most MailChimp plugins are that the forms don’t display properly, sometimes they are too load heavy and slow down site times and other times they just plain don’t work.

From this day forward here is your plugin for MailChimp integration for WordPress, the aptly titled, MailChimp for WordPress designed by Danny van Kooten (we’re forever indebted Danny!). This clever plugin makes it very easy to integrate MailChimp with your WordPress site and all that is required is your MailChimp API key. Forms can be created and styled within the plugin which is a real benefit and makes it easier to get everything looking just right.

Have you come across any other plugins that make MailChimp integration for WordPress a doddle? Or, are you already a devout user of MailChimp for WordPress by Danny? Leave a comment below with your recommendations!

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