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Moto X – Why is Everyone Writing About The Moto X?


The new Moto X from Motorola has been all over social media and the blogosphere in the last few days – perhaps you’ve seen it? Well, I’ve been mulling over why everyone has been writing about the Moto X and I’ll outline my thoughts below.

Undoubtedly the first release of a phone since Google acquired Motorola was always going to be newsworthy. However, the fervor with which it is being blogged and written about, and the rate at which it is spreading suggests to me it is not just to do with how newsworthy the release of the Moto X is – there are other forces at play.

The Moto X has received some pretty good reviews, like the Moto X Verge review (video included below for your audio visual pleasure). The consistent point most of the reviews that I’ve read about the Moto X make is that is in not a behemoth in the spec charts – it has no beast of a processor for gaming with high requirements, its 10mp camera – whilst undoubtedly ample for most photo taking requirements – will not wow any spec junkies. So, why is everyone writing about the Moto X?

Moto X from Motorola – Why Everyone is Writing About It

When I saw the post from Chris Brogan about Moto X it got me thinking. Chris, by his own admission, is not a phone/tech junkie and wrote about the Moto X. Granted, he had been invited out to Google HQ to see the phone a few weeks ago but he isn’t the only one who wouldn’t normally write about smartphone stuff but now is (um, kind of like this post as well). So, why is everyone writing about the Moto X?

Moto X Google Trends

Because it’s so hot right now! Everyone is clambering to get on the coat tails of the Moto X publicity wave. I believe it’s what they call “trend blogging” in the business. People are searching for the Moto X in huge numbers online, as evidenced by the screenshot from Google Trends. So, in essence, people are trying to get some more eye balls and traffic to their site – and there is no harm in that.

For those of you who are new to the online world one of the best ways of creating content is seeing what is trending on Google or Twitter and create a blog post about that. The benefits are many fold as you may get organic traffic but people – you hope – will also share it on the social web which will create a lot of social backlinks for your site which is one of the holy grails of content creation and SEO.

Because it’s so hot right now!

It is by creating timely, topical content that one has a chance of going “viral” or getting decent web traffic and that is why I think the Moto X is going into overdrive in the blogosphere. I’m not content with just my thoughts though and I’d love to know what you think?

Is the Moto X going to be a huge success sales wise and that’s why people are writing about it? Or, is it to do with getting traffic and eyeballs? Comment below with your thoughts and don’t be scared to press those shares buttons on the left!

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