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National Tailoring Academy at Louis Copeland – Site Launch

National Tailoring Academy at Louis Copeland logo

Those of you who frequent this blog will notice a definitive uptick in the number of site launches happening these days. Myself and Niall are starting to find our design rhythm and production of websites is getting streamlined with great results. Last week we launched Sugar Cubed and this week we launched the National Tailoring Academy at Louis Copeland and initial results are impressive.

We were approached by the National Tailoring Academy with a view to sprucing up their site and making it more goal orientated. The primary goal of the site is to get sign ups for the short courses and tailoring diploma courses that the NTA offer. Another focus of the site is to be a vehicle for communicating NTA news, events and developments and so a homepage which would provide a quick snapshot overview of the NTA was chosen.

National Tailoring Academy at Louis Copeland – Site Launch

Like all WordPress web design work done by myself and Niall we have a strong, holistic focus on SEO from the ground up. Our holistic approach meant that we had to change hosting for the National Tailoring Academy but the change has already been worth the effort as the site is already getting organic traffic – only days after going live.

Louis Copeland and Adrian Copeland – National Tailoring Academy

Besides organic traffic the NTA are running a strong offline promotional campaign and with the strength of the Louis Copeland name they are securing lots of great promo. Recently a piece was recorded and aired on the Six O’clock news about the National Tailoring Academy and you can check out a promo video on the site which features a lot of big names from the fashion world who are supporting the NTA.

All in all, this site is going to succeed. It’s got the SEO foundations in place, a strong brand and a site that is goal orientated and converts (no joke but online enrollment inquiries have already been received!!). The NTA were great clients to work with and we’re looking forward to doing more work for them.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the site yet, click the link below to check it out and as always, press the share buttons to left – there is no charge for pressing them today.

Tailoring Courses

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