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New Media Is The “Old” Social Media

New Media Spinning Coin

You might have come across the term “new media” recently? As of late I’ve been seeing it more frequently and it got me thinking – what exactly is new media? The more I thought about it, the more new media seemed like the “old” social media but with a more polished title – kind of like the other side of the same social media coin.

Whether we like it or not social media has pretty negative connotations amongst most of the top brass in big companies. A study shared on Mashable showed that 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs don’t use social media  and from that we can derive that they aren’t particular fans of social media. So, can they be converted? Perhaps a bit of a rebrand to make it more palatable? I think so.

New Media Is The “Old” Social Media

I think the new media train is being propelled primarily by social media marketers themselves, and, for the very same reason – to change the connotations of social media. All too often clients expect the costs associated with social media management or consulting to be very low as social media has the perception of being “free”. Indeed, it is free to create an account for social media but once some social media man hours are required that’s when social media starts to cost for a business.

If social media is rebranded to new media – which, according to WikiPedia also takes in all forms of digital media like DVDs, video games etc, then it will become a lot easier for clients to understand the costs involved because new media will always be associated with a cost.

“more professional than social media, borderline revolutionary”

Also, sometimes social media is viewed in a negative way with some people thinking  it is just a “waste of time” and an informal or unproductive use of time. New media won’t have those opinions held about it.

The very term new media itself sounds somewhat cutting edge, it’s much sharper and more professional than social media, borderline revolutionary yet, it’s still just the same “old” social media. Or, at least that’s my take on it anyway – and I’ll happily accept the moniker of “new media marketer”!

What are your thoughts on it? Leave a comment below with them and please, feel free to share this post help spread the new media revolution!


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