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Recent Wordpress Site Projects - Robert Ryan WordPress Developer

If you’re thinking to yourself that it’s been quiet on the western front – with the western front being this ole blog right here – then you’d be 100% correct. It has been so quiet here that you can probably hear me weeping my tears of shame. On a nearly daily basis I espouse the values and benefits of ongoing blogging to clients yet here I am, playing the hypocritical harmonica to a tune that we’re all too familiar with. So, do as I say – not as I do – and with that out of the way lets have a look at some recent WordPress projects which have been completed. Even though the blog has been quiet thankfully the production line of WordPress development is still humming (a better tune to my harmonica!).

Going Back To School: WordPress for Irish ITs!

This is a pretty exciting project that has been bubbling away beneath the surface for almost a year now. It’s been an ongoing project where we’re helping 8 Institutes of Technology migrate from their old library search system to a newer system. The newer system will be housed in a WordPress install which gives the librarians a lot more flexibility in what they can add to their site. The old legacy systems used very restrictive CMSs which didn’t give the librarians the control they needed of the sites and so in step WordPress. As mentioned this is an ongoing project but thus far 3 sites have been launched using the new site framework: GMIT Libary, LIT Library & Letterkenny with sites to come for Tralee IT, IADT, Sligo IT, Athlone IT, Blanchardstown IT. The process for these projects is a little bit different to the standard process but the output is the same – a quality site that the clients are happy with and able to update!

Lights, Camera, Toomey AV

You know one of the best signs that you’re doing something right in business world – or the WordPress world – is that your clients come back for more work. This is thankfully the case here as this is the 3rd WordPress site which has now been developed for this client. Following off the successful rebuilds of and it was time to take on the crown jewel of the online fleet. Toomey AV have been in business for 50 years and are one of the top providers of ICT equipment to Irish schools. With 50 years in business and half the nation educated by a projector that they have probably installed over the years it was a project that had to be taken seriously. The new site is a large deviation from the old one, gone is the clunky ecommerce setup with a cluttered homepage and instead the site focuses on generating leads rather than processing online payments and since launch has been performing better than the old site. On an ongoing basis we work with the Toomey AV team to help them with the SEO of their online fleet and over the 3 years the trend has thankfully gone in the right direction, may the tide continue to rise!

¿Tu Hablas Espanol?

The next site to update you on is a really great looking photo driven site that was recently launched for Irlanda En Espanol – a site and business that caters to Spanish speakers who would like to visit and tour Ireland. The new site has a tour focused design with the homepage having lots of image driven links to the tours that Irlande En Espanol offers. The site is also fully integrated with the tour booking system so all bookings are fully synced and integrated. The integration partner, Fare Harbour, are also working on a booking system to allow clients to book trips to/from the airport and this feature will be added to the site once ready. This project was also an interesting project to take on as it’s a site that is in Spanish and so got to practice a few palabras!

Onto The Next WordPress Project!

So, hopefully this post will help dispel any suggestion that the WordPress machine is no longer grinding through the projects. If anything, the pace has picked up and there is less time available to write posts like these but that will be addressed in the coming weeks. If you have any WordPress projects that you’re looking for help with then get in touch and we can take it from there!

Until next time, may your keywords always be ranking!

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