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Social Media Fan Freak Outs – You Should Create Them!

Mari Smith Social Media Tweet

Sometimes a little tweet can go a long way. You should never forget that. One tweet can create a social media fan freak out.

It’s generally the way of the world. As people move up in their profession or status they can sometimes forget the little guys, the little guys who maybe aided them in getting there in the early days. This happens in all walks of life and it also happens on social media. As the follower count swells sometimes the ego can too which can result in more “picky” tweeting, guilty by association and all that and probably just too many tweets.

And, to a degree, the majority on social media (and life in general) can accept that their poster pin up or social media guru probably never sees any of their tweets. That’s just life. However, given the tacit acceptance that an interaction is unlikely then when they do occur they can create social media fan freak outs and wherever possible you should try create them.

Social Media Fan Freak Outs – Create Them!

On your social media journey you’ll never forget the first people who reached out to help you.

These people can become quite influential to you on your social media journey as they were the first people to reach out and you never forget your first. You, regardless of your market or niche, should try be someones first, be the one to reach out and leave a mark. To be perceived as an authority you don’t need an astronomical follower count either.  If the other person is just new to twitter (or whatever platform) then in relative terms 1,000 + followers is going to look pretty impressive.

I did have a bit of “yuss” moment”

And, if you have 231, 956 followers, like Mari Smith has, then that adds to the social media fan freakout. Ultimately it was the above tweet from Mari that gave me a freak out (not that much of a freak out, I’m a partially grown man, but I did have a bit of “yuss” moment”) and prompted me to write this post. It’s not every day that people complement me on my Twitter avatar (although I do get some for my business card design).

I hope by now the benefits of creating these social media fan freakouts are apparent. If you create them people will talk about you, be influenced by you, establish you as thought leader to their peers, trust you and heck, maybe, just maybe, buy something from you. Sure isn’t that what it’s all about – using social media to drive some business?

So, what about you, do you have any memorable tweets from those you’ve placed on a pedestal? Have you forgotten any tweets from “the big guns”? Comment below and sharing is free today. Also, why not follow me on Twitter?

Oh, and Mari, if you’re reading, what can I buy from you? ;)


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