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Social Media Logo A-Go-Go

Social Media Logo A-Go-Go

I don’t want to be jumping the gun here and blogging too early on this new site as, admittedly, it still has a long way to go but let this be an example to any and all who may get some social media help from me. Any news, any milestone, any “behind the scenes” info can and should be transformed into a short blog post or story – even the arrival of a social media logo. In effect, this blog post is me practicing what I preach from the social media pulpit.

Work started on my site a few days ago – a site which I hope will be fruitful for getting me WordPress development, SEO & social media marketing/management jobs – and one of the first things I wanted to get boxed off was a social media logo graphic. I got in touch with Elena from (a designer who I’ve done lots of work with in the past) and asked her if she could conjure up a social media logo for me. We went through a few iterations, outlined below, before settling on the what is now my logo.

The logo itself is very simple and will work in many different formats – be they print or online. The 3 dots are to reflect the 3 main strands of what I can offer to potential customers – WordPress Development, SEO and Social Media Marketing. You can check out the different versions of the logo below and if you’ve any suggestions as to how I can (or should) improve the logo I’d love you to comment below with your thoughts.

Social Media Logo – First Version

Wasn’t really feeling the green

After a few more iterations – c’est fini


Anyway, enough jibber jabber from me, time to get back to work on this site and officially state that the social media logo is a go-go!

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