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Triberr – Your New Must Have Online Tool?

If you’ve come to this post after checking my “About Me” page you’ll see I spend quite a bit of my time online engaging in CPD (Continuous Professional Development). Recently I came across Triberr, a platform for bloggers to network and amplify their reach. After spending some time on Triberr I think it could very well be your new must have online tool.

In a nutshell Triberr can do the following:

Now, all of that sounds well and good but I think if one only looks at what Triberr does as opposed to looking at it holistically then you’re only seeing half the picture. After using Triberr for a few weeks I can vouch that it ticks the above 3 boxes with aplomb. For example, my post about secure search recently got retweeted by Vitaly Tennant who has 101,919 followers and needless to say I saw an increase in traffic from that. On top of that though my network has expanded as I’ve already met some great people via Triberr like Mike Alton, Dino Dogan, Dan Cristo, Mark Hari and a whole truckload more – track them down on Twitter and tell them Rob sent ya ;)

Triberr – Your New Must Have Online Tool?

So, Triberr will do all of the above and a whole lot more for you. If you want you you can check out an in depth Triberr review by Daniel Shirkov for more about the nuts and bolts of Triberr.

Triberr – Your New Must Have Online Tool?

Recently I spoke about Google Plus and how it is going to possibly impact on SEO and search. And, because of its impacts on SEO, and the weighting now given to social signals by Google, I think that Triberr could quite easily become your new must have online tool.

The three items listed above are reason enough to use Triberr but as social and SEO continue to merge sending the right social signals to Google will be key. Social influence aggregators like Klout, which were initially seen as vanity exercises when they launched a few years back, are now coming into SEO vogue. With the rollout of Google Authorship and online reputation becoming more important tools like Triberr will allow you to build up your online reputation and Klout score which in turn will positively impact your SEO efforts.

I highly recommend setting yourself up on Triberr and getting involved in the “bonfires” (discussions) on it. The group who frequent the site are good skins, you’ll see more web traffic, will expand your network and you may even be future proofing your SEO efforts.

What do you think? Are you on Triberr yet? Is it your new must have online tool? Comment below and as always, pressing the share buttons to the left is tax free today!

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