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Tsu Social Network – Tsunami, Tsunation, Tsu What?

Tsu social network - what is tsu - Robert Ryan

Have you heard about Tsu yet? Tsu is a new invite only social network that is trying to shake up the current social media model and I think it’s worth telling you about it. It’s stated aim is to pay the users of the network for using it and will only retain 10% of advertising revenues for the upkeep of the network. The network only just launched on the 21st of October but already some users are sharing screenshots showing hundreds of dollars in the bank, not too shabby. If you want an invite to Tsu I can give you your Tsu invite here and read below to find out more about Tsu.

So, how does Tsu work? From a hands on point of view Tsu a simple enough social network – you post, like, share and comment on what you and others share. You can follow or friend people with the difference being that those you follow will only see what you post publicly whereas friends will see everything you post. Seemingly there is a limit of 1,000 friends and followers – I’m not near that total yet so can’t say for certain.

The Tsu Network Tsunami, Tsunation, Tsu What?

At the moment the Tsu network has a ton of hype about it with hashtags like #tsunami and #tsunation rampant on all of the big networks as people start to discover Tsu. The promise of being paid to post (directly from the network) is a novel one and seems to be, understandably, resonating with and exciting people. Social media is almost ubiquitous now with each of us having our own favourite online haunts but none of them pay us to post and so Tsu is getting peoples attention that with.

And with all that hype and attention, and the promise of cash, it is inevitable that Tsu is going to get a lot of scammers and schemers congregating on it. It’ll be interesting to see if the platform owners try stamp them out if they become an issue but it’s something to be aware of when using Tsu.

Also, inherent in the structure of Tsu is a pyramid scheme of sorts whereby those you invite to the network then generate some income for you (as outlined in the Tsu payment model outlined below). This itself could give rise to fake accounts following and sharing from fake accounts to generate someone somewhere some money but that would really ruin the quality of content on the network. And, as we all know, quality is king.

Tsu Payment Model

Anyway, with all that said, it’s time to “show me the money!”. I believe the Tsu payment model is comprised of the following: 10% goes to Tsu, then 50% of what is remaining to who posted and 50% to the person above who posted in diminishing increments of 1/3. The TSU FAQ has the following example.

User A invites user B, who invites user C, who invites user D

Tsu Social Network – Is It A Scam?

The jury is still out on this one. There have been some worrying observations made about Tsu regarding the fact that once your create an account it seems like there is no easy way to delete it. On top of that it the site doesn’t use the HTTPS protocol for encryption so that could lead to some vulnerabilities. Some legal eagles are also questioning whether or not the Tsu payment model above is valid and if you make money by sharing someone elses content then you may be liable and potentially owe the copyright holder money. It’s a bit murky at the moment but not surprising in the early days. A statement or something along those lines from Tsu HQ would be nice.

The Tsu Network Tsunami, Tsunation, Tsu What?

So, is Tsu worth your time and effort?

At this stage it’s too early to say whether or not it’ll grow to be one of the big social networks but with it’s innovative payment model it’s definitely worth looking at. As Tsu is just a new network those who start to use it now may reap some serious rewards in the long run – or, maybe not. My approach to it is to use it to continue to foster and strengthen relationships with people I know on other networks and if I happen to make a few shekels doing so on the side then what harm.

Odds are I’ll have an update on Tsu for you in the not too distant future. Feel free to join the mailing list below so you don’t miss out on posts like these and if you want to (potentially) make me money on Tsu, whilst (potentially) making yourself some, then your Tsu invite is here :)

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