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WordPress Site Launch - Leinster Bowling Club

It might seem to you like things have been quiet at Rr HQ however I can assure that that is not the case. I’ve recently relocated to Spain so in between emptying boxes and trying to learn a language I’ve been finishing up some new WordPress sites. One site which recently launched being for the Leinster Bowling Club with the apt domain of

For this project we worked with Anne from DesignD9 who worked with the client to come up with the look and feel of the site. After that it was passed down the line to us for development to begin. This project was different to other projects insofar as that the main demographic of the site would be a bit more senior than usual and as such this had to be factored in when developing the site.

WordPress Site Launch –

To that end we worked closely with the LBC Club Captain, Pat Kenny, to make sure the site was to his liking. The site is not the most “belled and whistled” site possible but it does what it is required to do, and more importantly, the club can update and maintain it themselves.

Easy to update league tables.

Once the site was developed I delivered a few sessions of one on one WordPress training to Pat so that he could update the site himself. It was great to witness a senior surfer chomping at the bit to learn new skills – something that people 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 60 years his junior could learn from (myself included). As part of the training I also developed a suite of tutorial videos which Pat can use for reference material should it be required. But, if progress continues at this rate I’m sure the videos won’t be required as Pat is already editing the site, adding news and event items and updating tables.
Sometimes web development can lose the human side of things but it was a most enjoyable experience working with Pat on this project, understanding the needs of the club and delivering them.

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