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5 Quick PPC Tips For The Festive Season

5 quick PPC Tips For The Festive Season

If you’re listening you can almost hear the sleigh bells ringing as we hurtle towards yet another festive season. To help you get the most of out of your online marketing for the Christmas season I’ve got 5 quick PPC tips for you to help you with your pay per click advertising campaigns. Pay Per Click can be a great way of getting some quick traffic to your site but if your campaigns aren’t set up just right then you may not get the ROI you want, or even, break even. Below are 5 tips to help you get the most bang for your PPC buck.

PPC Tip 1: Sort out your PPC budgets.
It was is the busiest time online (and offline) for retail sales and if PPC is a large part of your online strategy then you want to make sure you’re in the game for the duration and not getting subbed out due to maxing out budgets. Approach your budgeting with an ROI approach as opposed to just nominal values – basically, if you’re winning, don’t stop.

PPC Tip 2: Sweeten the deal.
Your product may be good and the ad may be appealing but at this time of year customers are always looking for that little extra value add. Maybe you can gift wrap, maybe you can do free shipping, maybe you can add a limited edition button/sticker/whatever with each order – just a little cherry on top so that you can get the most out of your PPC campaigns. Basically, do what it takes to try inch potential customers over the line.

5 Quick PPC Tips For The Festive Season

PPC Tip 3: Be laser targeted like a shotgun.
What I mean here by that contradiction is that you should give yourself the greatest chance of a PPC conversion when someone clicks on an add. Rather than delivering a customer to an end node point on your site, ie, one singular product, delivery them to a category page which logically relates to their search query. This approach will hopefully reduce bounce rates as there should be more to look at visually and improve conversion rates as there will be a bit more choice for the customer. So, like I said, be laser targeted like a shotgun ;)

PPC Tip 4: Up-sell like it’s your last Christmas ever!
When someone has clicked on one of your pay per click ads,arrived in your shop or category page and been given a compelling deal sweetener now is the time to up-sell. Make sure you try bundle products together or have recommended products. Lots of ecommerce systems, like WooCommerce on WordPress for example, have this functionality built into it, so, make sure to use it. When customers have made the decision to purchase something then the likelihood of them making an additional, perhaps impulse, purchase is much greater. Up-selling can be a great way to eek the most out of your PPC ROI.

PPC Tip 5 – Hello old friend
I heard somewhere that all you need to run an online business, or any business, is 1,000 true fans who love what you do, will buy your products and will be a brand advocate for you. Throughout the course of the year I hope you’ve been building up your mailing list with customers and prospective customers as now is the time to show your mailing list how much they mean to you. Craft a special offer or ad for past customers to encourage them to check out your seasonal product offering. Whilst not a bonafide PPC tip this can be a very nice way of supplementing your PPC efforts as those who have purchased in the past are much more likely to purchase from you in the future.

And so, there you have it – 5 quick PPC tips for the festive season. If you’re running pay per click campaigns bear those tips in mind and hopefully you’ll see some benefits. If you’ve any PPC tips of your own please, share them below!

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