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Best WordPress Mailing List Plugin

Best WordPress Mailing List Plugin - Mail Poet 2

“The money is in the list!” – I’m sure you’ve heard that old chestnut before, and, there is a heck of a lot of truth in it. In this social media world, where tweets and updates have a half life comparable to that of a gnat, getting access to a potential customers inbox can be beneficial for getting your message across. Whilst I’m not sure that the below plugin is the best WordPress mailing list plugin in the world, it is definitely a very useful plugin and it’s the plugin I use for my mailing list.

The WordPress Mailing List plugin that I have on my site is called Mail Poet (formerly known as WYSIJA – I think the name change is better than that mouthful) and you know what, it’s pretty great. Check out the video about Mail Poet below.

Typically the pain points with WordPress mailing list plugins is that they never integrate properly or are very finicky. When doing WordPress web design typically most of our clients already use MailChimp and so we have to integrate MailChimp for WordPress but Mail Poet integration is really a walk in the park. I have two sign up boxes permanently on my site, in the footer below and in the sidebar on the right (go on, sign up!) – all set up with just a few clicks which has me thinking Mail Poet may be the best WordPress mailing list plugin going.

Best WordPress Mailing List Plugin

Drag & Drop E-mail Editing with the Mail Poet Plugin

But, wait, there’s more!

The real beauty of Mail Poet is the ease with which you can create e-mail newsletters. Unlike MailChimp or other mailing list providers that aren’t WordPress native with Mail Poet you can embed blog posts directly into you mailing lists – in fact, you can even automate this and ping e-mails to your subscribers with a weekly round up of new blog posts. Auto responders and the usual mailing list features are also available in the plugin.

Like MailChimp and most other mailing list providers Mail Poet also gives you access to stats about your e-mail campaigns. This is where the Mail Poet is slightly weaker than the likes of MailChimp – its analytics and tracking isn’t as developed or refined as the others but I reckon that will change. The team behind Mail Poet update the plugin regularly and so advances in analytics are just around the corner.

All in all this is a WordPress mailing list plugin that really ticks the boxes for me – I’m not going to say it is de facto the best WordPress Mailing list plugin but I will say it’s the one I use. Sign up for it below and you’ll how e-mails get delivered and check out the video below for more.

What WordPress mailing list plugin do you use? You come across any other gems?

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