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E-Commerce WordPress Site Launch –

E-Commerce WordPress Site Launch - StyleSnatcherShop

The wheelhouse has been humming, backs have been broken and I’ve been busier than ever. The last few months have seen a real uptick in WordPress web development projects and I don’t have the time I had before the blog emphatically but I figured I’d let you know about this e-commerce WordPress site launch for

This e-commerce site is kind of niche as it focuses on new fashion trends that would be customers might not have heard about. The site is built using WooCommerce and has a dynamic currency converter added so that the prices are always displayed in the correct currency for the user (bring on the Japanese!). On top of that the site is fully responsive and looks great on all devices.

The logo design for this site was done by Elena Montes with all product photos and text content sourced by CEO, Anita Kus.

E-Commerce WordPress Site Launch –

The idea behind this site is something that chimes with me a lot. Anita has a passion for fashion (sorry about the rhyme) and decided to turn her passion into a site and a revenue stream. She had been blogging about fashion for a few years but decided it was time to take the plunge from blogger to seller. To be honest, I quite like working with clients like these and enjoyed working with Anita as her enthusiasm and desire to succeed were obvious from the get go.

And, in my humble opinion, enthusiasm is key. Now that the site is launched a sustained social media and blogging effort will have to be maintained by Anita to make the site a success, she’ll have to get into the SEO gym and feel the burn. But, I think she will. That’s why I’m a fan of building sites like these, nothing better than seeing a site you built do well.

Onward and upward!

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