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Google Plus Usage in Ireland

Google Plus Usage in Ireland 2

This is the long over due follow up post on the guest post Google Plus Usage in the United States, written by Google Plus superstar Jesse Wjodjlo. In his post he discussed Google Plus usage in the States and discussed the rate at which it is growing. In this post I’ll give the tale from the other side of the pond and give my thoughts on Google Plus Usage in Ireland.

So, right off the bat I’m going to say that of the big 4 social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus) that Google Plus is without a doubt the bottom of the pecking order here in Ireland. When talking with friends and family about Google Plus they look at me like I have two heads – some of them are still grappling with the intricacies of Twitter so maybe Google Plus might be a bridge to far for some.

Not only that though, but I’ve also noticed a distinct hint of “meh” in relation to Google Plus here. Again, for casual social media users (not us social media junkie types) they are faced with the question of “What’s in Google Plus for me? I already have my friends on Facebook so I don’t need another social network”. And, it’s kind of hard to argue with that – the Google Plus juice may just not be worth the squeeze for them. A quick straw poll of some my friends on Facebook (not possible to conduct similar straw poll on Google Plus, because, well, none of my friends use it really) found that whilst most have accounts that very few use it. I can relate to that too because prior to immersing myself in Google Plus I didn’t use it either (sure, come circle me on G+!).

Google Plus Usage in Ireland

And, what about the social media junkie types, the non casual users of social media in Ireland? I reached out to a few social media luminaries this side of the pond to try get their take on it. Unfortunately, only one of them got back to me which I guess is indicative of the “meh” that greets Google Plus here (or, maybe it’s me -eek!). Neil Sisson from Lime Canvas got back to me and answered some questions about Google Plus usage in Ireland – his answers are below. Many thanks for getting back to me Neil – appreciate it!

  1. 1) Compared to other social networks where would you rank Google + in order of importance for you?
    I love it but I find myself gravitating to Twitter more often. Probably habit more than anything. I’ve developed a loathing for Facebook and to be honest most of our social marketing efforts for Lime Canvas have the biggest rewards on either G+, Twitter or LinkedIn. For a B2B business like ours FB is pretty much a waste of time in my opinion.
  2. 2) Do you know many “real life” friends using G+?
    Yeah a lot of my friends and acquaintances are on Google+, however being on Google+ and using it are two different things. I’d say that its more my techie type mates who actually use it more than my non technical friends.
  3. 3) Do you think G + will grow in Ireland/Europe is it close to peaking?
    Yes I think it will continue to grow and no I don’t think its anywhere near peaking in terms of number of “active users” which is one of the most important metrics for web apps.
  4. 4) Any comments in general re G+ usage in Ireland/Europe?
    Google owns the search market – particularly in Ireland and they’re making it harder and harder for people to not have a G+ account, so I think we’re going to see it grow a lot. An anecdotal piece of evidence of this is my niece who is 11 and got her first smart phone there a little while ago for her birthday. Its an android device, which means she needs a Google account pretty much in order for it to work. She’s not allowed on Facebook, but she’s on Google+, as so are a lot of her friends.

    Mobile internet usage was being forecast to overtake desktop web usage this year (not sure if that’s actually happened yet or not), and mobile devices and the web are playing much better with each other than ever before. Android is playing a large role in the mobile space now and I see that as being an edge for Google in the social networking space.

Google Plus Usage in Ireland – My Take

My take on it is that Google Plus usage in Ireland is WAY behind the uptake in the United States, which is commonly the way things go. I think Google Plus for SEO is a compelling enough reason to use it for those who have an online business – it can be very advantageous (I also think Google Plus big time helped me to get to Number One on Google).

With that said I can understand the casual social media user being hesitant to set up another social media account but as I wrote about before, I think that in time Google Plus will become the top social media dog this side of the pond.

As I see it there is a social media c’oup d’etat taking place, and doesn’t matter where you are. But, that’s just as I see it – would love to get your thoughts on Google Plus usage in Ireland (if you’re Irish) or how is Google Plus usage wherever in the world you are? Comment below and let me know!

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