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Quicksprout Site Analyser Tool – Analyse Your Site

Quicksprout Site Analyser Tool SEO

I always love it when I come across a new tool that does exactly what it says it will do. The Quicksprout Site Analyser tool, designed by Neil Patel, does exactly what it’s name suggests – it analyses your site and it does it in jig time. I came across this tool when a client e-mailed me about it – many thanks for the link Peter.

The Quicksprout site analyser takes an holistic approach to site analysis and will check your site on the main categories that affect your sites search rankings and results. By just plugging in your sites URL you’ll quickly get your SEO results and a report on how you can improve. The site analyser doesn’t just check your sites SEO though but it also looks at other key ranking factors like site speed and platform compatibility.

On top of all that the Quicksprout site analyser checks social signals – a ranking factor whose influence is only going to continue to increase. The tool checks the social signals from all the big social media players like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. To be able to get a snapshot of these in one place is really nifty and will make being able to monitor how your social efforts are progressing. By checking this tool on a weekly basis and keeping track you’ll see what’s working (I’ve got my spreadsheet set up!).

Quicksprout Site Analyser Tool

So I took the plunge and plugged in to see how it fared on the Quicksprout site analyser tool. The screenshot below shows me at an A- for my SEO and with a site speed of 69. Like all things in this online SEO journey it’s all about iterating and improving your SEO, taking stock of where you are and planning what you have to do to improve. As for being the 349,765th most popular site on the web, well I’m ok with that…but only because you’re here!

Quicksprout Site Analyser Tool –

This Quicksprout site analyser tool may not be the definitive site analysis tool (I don’t think it’s possible to make a definitive one though) but it is a whopper of a tool. I’d say it’s well worth adding to your SEO toolkit as it provides a nice snapsot of key metrics for your sites online success. Read more about it in the Quicksprout site analyser creators blog.

Now, I’m off to work my way up to an A+ grade and tweak site speed! Check your site and see how you fare – leave a comment below with your scores. Any other site analysis tools that you use?

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