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Search Engine Optimisation – Push Yourself

Search Engine Optimisation - Push Yourself

It was Thomas Edison who said “Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration” and if you want to succeed in search engine optimisation then you’ll have to sweat a lot. You have to push yourself and be persistent with it. When you are starting out set some targets and work towards them, form a routine and just push hard. Search engine optimisation can be a demanding Mistress but you’ll grow to love her.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. I think I came across that adage in some college class many moons ago but it rings particularly true for SEO. When embarking on any SEO campaign make sure you track your progress so that you can identify which of your search engine optimisation efforts are paying off. The app I use for tracking my keyword progress is the aptly titled SEO Ranking and it makes it easy to track your rankings for particular keywords. Things are progressing nicely for “WordPress developer” and “Social Media Management” as the screen shots show.

Search Engine Optimisation – WordPress Developer Ranking

I’m skeptical if I’ll stay in 3rd spot for social media management – Google and her rankings can be fickle at times but things are moving in the right direction. Still no major movement to report on my mini SEO quest to rank for “Robert Ryan” – but targets are set.

Search Engine Optimisation – Social Media Management Ranking Ranking

Search Engine Optimisation – Push Yourself

I’m happy with how my main keywords are progressing but I’m not going to rest on my laurels and you shouldn’t either.

not saying go on a lame comment binge fest spamathon but

When it comes to search engine optimisation you have to chip away at it daily. Every day try expand your online reach via social media by getting a few new followers and ReTweets/Plus 1’s etc. Every day seek out bloggers in your niche and aim to leave between 3 – 5 meaningful comments a day with a link back to your site (I’m not saying go on a lame comment binge fest spamathon but leave comments that you’d like to receive on your blog). Every day do some keyword research to find juicy keywords for future blogposts that are in your mind. Every day do some research for new search engine optimisation tips/tricks/ideas – always keep improving, your competitors are.

Once you get into a routine for search engine optimisation it gets a lot easier and when you start to see the results you’ll push even harder. Embrace the grind (or get someone like me to embrace it for you).

Do you have any things that you do every day as part of your search engine optimisation routine? Comment below as I’d love to hear them!

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