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WordPress SEO – Search Engine Crowding and Dominance

WordPress SEO - Be Seen

What is better than having one website ranked on page one of Google? Having two websites ranked on page one of Google – that’s what! Using WordPress SEO you can crowd the search engines and can help dominate your niche by having more of the top spots in the SERP pointing back to one of your web properties. That’s what we have done for our market here in Ireland.

Some niches aren’t particularly high volume when it comes to search engine traffic. One of the niches I’m in, WordPress web design, isn’t a particularly high volume keyword and so to try increase the chances of jobs coming in the band of merry web developers I work with, share our leads and collaborate on web design jobs. If you’re already ranking highly for a search term but not getting the traffic you want one idea might be to set up another web property and also get that to the first page. Using our WordPress SEO skills we’ve been able to get our websites to pretty much the top of as the screenshot below shows and are now reaping the rewards.

WordPress SEO – Gold, Silver & Bronze for us!

WordPress SEO – Search Engine Crowding and Dominance!

To be honest it’s a bit of a dream SERP for us. Niall who is in top spot for the term “WordPress Developer” is one of the top SEO experts in the country and there is no surprise he is top of the pile. Ro, who is in 2nd spot, is a ninja like coder who myself and Niall work with when we need his unique coding skill set to complete projects. Then, in 3rd spot on the podium is me – Robert Ryan! The WordPress SEO efforts are paying off and it’s lovely to see.

In 4th spot there is Eggdesign, one of the “other guys” – a competitor of ours. We recently took over an event photographers site of Eggs and  have been able to lift that site to the No.1 spot in Google in just a few weeks!

It’s really satisfying to see our WordPress SEO methods work for our sites but also to see the difference having an holistic approach to SEO can make for our clients. I hope you’ll agree with me that the above SERP screenshot is pretty compelling. And, to be clear, it hasn’t been Photoshopped or edited in anyway- sure, Google “WordPress Developer” yourself from and see what you find!

If you’d like to get us to do some SEO work for you please get in touch!


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