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WordPress Web Development Huzzah - DublinTown

The boss, who is out and about in Dublin City with her amigos, just sent me the above image which she saw at the steps of Powerscourt Townhouse. The image is of a banner from who do great promotional work for shops, pubs, restaurants etc in Dublin.

The WordPress web development huzzah is that the top two sites on on the list, the Dublin Fashion Festival and Dine in Dublin, have been built by myself and Niall.

All too often when you’re developing websites, late on a Saturday evening for example, you don’t get to see many physical incarnations promoting the fruits (banana?) of your labour but when you do – well, I’ll tell you what, it’s a nice little pick me up! I can see myself coding away on some WordPress sites now for the next few hours now, buoyed up I tells ya ;)

Thank you for firstly getting us to develop WordPress sites for you, but secondly, for promoting them so well!

Have you experienced any similar huzzah moments? Comment below and share!

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