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Robert Ryan SEO Mini Quest Update + Epic Dear Diary Moment

Robert Ryan SEO Mini Quest Update

As I’ve said time and time again on this here blog, it’s important for you to set SEO goals and targets so that you have a defined focus for your SEO efforts. About 6 weeks ago I wrote about how Google loves Robert Ryan but hates me – one of the keywords which I’d like my site to rank for, “Robert Ryan” was proving to be tougher than anticipated to rank for, too many famous Robert Ryans! So, 6 weeks ago, whilst ranking 47th, I set out on an SEO mini quest to try to get page one, or even, to number one on Google for Robert Ryan.

Robert Ryan Ranking Update – from 47th to 6th

Anyway, now it’s time for the update. 6 weeks after the SEO efforts commenced to rank for Robert Ryan I’ve been able to move up to 6th position in Sadly, the chart above doesn’t show the climb from 47th spot as my phone (a Samsung Galaxy S3) went haywire last week and had to be hard reset resulting in all my apps and data getting wiped, drat! Phone mishaps aside I’m happy with how the SEO mini quest is progressing and with some luck (I say luck, I mean elbow grease) I’ll continue to inch towards the top spot.

Robert Ryan SEO Mini Quest Update + Epic Dear Diary Moment

Now, speaking of top spots! Whilst the SEO mini quest to rank for Robert Ryan is my side project my two main keywords “wordpress developer” and “social media management” are, well, doing swimmingly I would say.

Social Media Management ranking for Robert Ryan

Again, there is a lack of historical data in rank fluctuations in the screen shots but for the first time I’m top spot in for BOTH OF MY KEYWORDS!!! It’s a bit of an epic “Dear Diary” moment, and I know it’s only temporary as these rankings constantly fluctuate, but for now it’s pretty sweet to be able to get these two screen shots :)

Another boring screenshot! No. 1 for WordPress Developer

I know those screenshots are pretty boring visually but for me this is kind of like winning the league and cup double! Now, time for some champagne ;)

Stay tuned for more updates and if you haven’t read my post on how to get to no.1 on Google check it out as you might find it useful. Also, join my mailing list now so you don’t miss any of the WordPress, SEO or social media good stuff!

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