Social Media Management Ireland

About Me

WordPress Development, Social Media Management, SEO, Content Creation, Marketing – I’ve got all that and more in my locker!

I’m Rob. People say my logo reminds them of science and the periodic table of elements to which I quickly reply “I’m the online element” – and I am.

Life Online

From a young age I always spent too much time on computers and online. I started an online business called LadyUmbrella in 2008 and used social media to promote it. Following the success of my social media management of the LadyUmbrella page  the Irish Internet Association did a case study on it. Thanks to my optimisation of our social media we sold thousands of t-shirts online and shipped them globally. I was also asked to give some seminars around the country on social media marketing Рneedless to say I gladly accepted and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Going Pro

Anyway, as a result of my social media exploits for LadyUmbrella I then got a job managing the Pyg Restaurant social media pages. This was a new restaurant in Dublin but using social media I could get get the word out about it and get bums on seats yielding a substantial increase in revenue. After a while I was promoted to Marketing Director for Pygmalion, Pyg Restaurant and Pyg Cafe. Whilst the marketing director I then set up the website for the restaurant with another WordPress developer who saw my SEO ability and social media management skills and then quickly made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

And then..

Shortly after starting work as a WordPress Web Developer I created this site so that people like you would be able to find out a little bit more about me and then, hopefully, hire me. One of my real strengths is understanding what you want and/or what your business needs. My degree in IT means that I understand all the online jargon that can be off putting to some people but I’m still fluent in “layman’s terms”.

How I spend my time online

  1. Social Media Management 30%
  2. WordPress Development30%
  3. CPD20%
  4. SEO20%

Random Tidbits

Some random tidbits about me are that I love jellies, eat too many bananas, am part fueled by coffee, work way too late into the night and hope some day to retire away to a tropical island in the sun (I’m relying on you hiring me for the last part to happen)