A New Leaza Life – AI Chatbots & WordPress Consultancy

Posted on October 26, 2018

As always here in Rr HQ time is short and the list of items to do long but delighted to be able to let you know about a recent branding, web design & WordPress consultancy project we were involved with for Leaza – the AI finance chatbot!

Meet Leaza – The AI Finance Chatbot

Leaza is one of the brainchild of a team from within DLL with a particular skillset and focus on finance. Leaza, whilst residing in an enterprise company is being developed with a start up approach and recently won €250,000 in funding to implement Leaza. The idea behind Leaza is to provide an AI chatbot that will do a variety of finanancial calculations and tasks and can be controlled by voice. Leaza and her capabilities are all summed up rather nicely in the video below, check it out!

Branding, Web Design & WordPress Consultancy

With regards to the project here a novel idea like Leaza with a talented team required a different approach. Usually for clients we do full WordPress web design & development however here the preferred was for the design to be completed by us and for the development to be completed in house.

The first step in the design phase was for logo design and branding which was completed with aplomb by our designer Elena Montes. Once the branding was set the next phase was web design where we worked iteratively with the Leaza team to define the content and layout for the site. Once the designs were completed we then provided the Leaza team with some WordPress consultancy so that they could then set about developing the site. After a few sessions and back and forth the site was launch ready and ushered in a new Leaza life for finance! Get to know Leaza here!

Branding for Leaza Chatbot

Thoughts From The Leaza Team

During the project we enjoyed working with the Leaza team and are happy with the end results. About the overall branding, design process and project the Leaza team had the following to say:

“Delivering ‘Leaza – the friendly finance and customer service chatbot’ as an enterprise start-up we encountered new things daily that we were not previously acquainted with. One of those topics is branding and how to create the right exposure of your brand. Rob and Elena were in this case our ideal partners as they had a great sense of where we were and where we wanted to go. They listened very carefully and put ideas forward to elaborate on. The ideas that were put forward were based, we felt, on a long experience and a good knowledge of how a brand can work (or cannot work). Additionally, and important for us is that Rob and Elena are nice people to work with and have excellent communication skills! That helps to get to a good result: the brand Leaza, driving conversation forward!”

– The Leaza Team

Leaza Testimonial

WordPress Consultancy

All in the Leaza project was an enjoyable one to work on and providing WordPress consultancy services is now something I’ll be offering more going forward. Some clients like the full web design package, some just want SEO or social media marketing help and others just want to be guided via WordPress consultations – whatever it is, happy to provide it.

If you’d like to see how I can help you with a future project, get in touch!

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