Content Creation

Content creation is a key part of a sustained SEO and social media campaign. Content creation is the fuel that feeds the fire that is your online presence. That fire must  be stoked on a near daily basis and so being able to create content is key.

Content Creation II


Content Creation Experience

I’ve been using Facebook for business since 2008 and on a near daily basis I have posted content for one or more clients or businesses – that’s a lot of posts. I have years of content creation experience for restaurants, clothes brands & phone brands and have yet to have the creative well run dry. When it comes to online content I like to re-purpose photos, blog posts and video and get the maximum online mileage out of any one piece of content.

Content Creation for SEO

When you can combine SEO with your content creation efforts you then have a little bit of the special sauce that can really have a positive effect on your SERP. Creating content that, if spread, shared or even just read will benefit your SEO strategy and your ranking in the search engines is is what I like to do . It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this type of content is a blog post but when properly implemented the results can be extremely beneficial. Using this strategy I’ve been able to get websites ranking on the first page for a chosen keyword and at the same time have created some great content for Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc.

Content Creation – Pace Yourself

You might not avail of my services for your web content creation but if I can give you just one tip it is this. All too often I see new brands or companies who just join the online world blow through all of their content stockpile by posting too frequently and too soon. Then, after the first few weeks their online presence dries up as they’ve now “run out of things to say”.  My tip is – don’t be one of those people. When creating content online it’s important to pace yourself. For online efforts to be successful they have to be sustained, meaningful and interesting to the viewer and pacing the distribution of your top drawer content is key.

Content Creation – What I Can Do For You

  • No Time to Blog? -If you have a blog but don’t have time to update and maintain it I can write SEO proofed niche driven blog posts to get traffic to your site
  • Content Creation Consulting – I can train you how to create content and on how best to repurpose and distribute it across your social media network.