Social Media Marketing

As a result of using social media for business for as long as I have I’m now in a position to help you get the most out of your social media endeavors. To date I’ve provided training to clients, managed client accounts on a daily basis and provided social media consultancy to businesses all with very positive results. I’ve also presented a few talks and presentations on social media outlined below.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

So what exactly is social media marketing? In my books social media marketing is the use of social media to help market your business (imagine that). Social media can be used to help spread awareness about your brand and to encourage sales. A well constructed social media strategy can deliver a lot of targeted traffic to your business whilst at the same time helping create the brand image for your business. A responsive and topical social media marketing plan can be spread over different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest etc and each one can be leveraged in a different way to help promote your business.

Facebook & Twitter

When most people think of social media they’ll first think about Facebook and then Twitter. Undoubtedly these two platforms are the most widely used and are the two platforms I have the most experience with. I see both of them working hand in hand in the “social media symphony” and when combined can be a very beneficial way of providing customers to your website or business.

Social Media Consulting & Training Talks

I have had the pleasure of giving a few talks and Q & A sessions on social media use:

  • Talk for South Dublin County Chamber of Commerce, “Social Media Means Business” in Tallaght Stadium where I spoke about Twitter.
  •  Talk for Sligo Chamber of Commerce, “Social Media Conference”, in Sligo IT where I spoke about Twitter.
  • Talk for regional skillnets, “Social Media Can You Afford To Ignore It”, in Kilkenny where I spoke about Twitter.
  • Spoke at the BizCamp event about Social Media and Entrepreneurship and took part in a Q & A session in the Guinness Storehouse.

Social Media Marketing – What I Can Do For You

  • Social Media Marketing Manager: You want the benefits of social media but don’t want the hassle of updating it daily and monitoring it. I’ve years of experience in maintaining social media presences for businesses and will get you an ROI.
  • Social Media Audit: You are already using social media and things are going well but you’d like to see if you’re using it properly and that’s where I come in. I take an in depth look at your social media efforts and find out any weaknesses that there may be.
  • Social Media Strategy: You want to use social media but you don’t know what to talk about or how best to use it for your business. I can provide you with a tailored social media strategy for your business and provide you with a game plan on what to do.
  • Social Media Training: You have never used Facebook or Twitter for business before but now want to. I can provide basic up to advance training on how to use social media to benefit your business.
  • Social Media “Phone-a-Friend”: You’re using social media and things are going pretty well but every now and again you’re just not sure about something. Well, I can be your social media “phone-a-friend”. If ever you have some issues you can contact me for assistance.