Social Media Consultant – Dublin Fashion Festival

The Dublin Fashion Festival is an annual event in it’s 4th year of running and it has been growing steadily year on year. This year they got in touch with me to ask me to be a social media consultant for them. In fact, it was a bit of a dream team double effort as my colleague Niall Flynn developed and optimised their WordPress wesbite.

For the Dublin Fashion Festival the first thing I did was to analyse their Facebook use as this is one of their primary social media platforms. As a social media consultant I identified the weaknesses in their social media management and provided them with some remedies. My analysis of their Facebook page also included an analysis of their recent posts from both a content and language perspective. I like to be holistic in my social media strategy and believe it’s important to look at WHAT is being posted as well as HOW it’s being posted.

Social Media Consultant

As part of my role as social media consultant for the DFF I provided them with some content ideas designed to rectify the main problem on their Facebook page – lack of interaction.

DFF are also currently availing of my ongoing support and I provide a daily analysis of their Facebook posts and how they can improved. Kind of like riding a bike with stabilisers on until they are happy to cycle by themselves. Make sure you check out their Facebook page to see how they use social media to promote the Dublin Fashion Festival 2013.

Social Media Consulting - Dublin Fashion Festival

Social Media Consulting – Dublin Fashion Festival