Social Media Management – Blind Tiger Collective

The Blind Tiger Collective was set up a few years ago and as a result of my involvement with LadyUmbrella I was involved with setting it up. The idea behind the collective was simple – create a platform for local street wear designers to get their merch seen and to build up an audience so that pop up shops could be run.  Social media provided the ideal platform to achieve both of these goals and I provided the social media management to try achieve them. Throughout the campaign we had a focus on the Facebook page.

Social Media Management

The page quickly passed 1,000 likes and on the back of the Facebook page (and other advertising efforts like the video below which features a slightly fresher faced version of myself) a few pop up shops were launched. These culminated in a full time premises being opened on South William Street and again the Facebook page was one of the main ways of getting the word out about the Blind Tiger Collective.

My role was to help come up with ideas for the daily content creation and to provide social media consulting and training to ensure that the Blind Tiger Collective was getting the most out of its social media use. And, I had a heck of a lot of fun in the process. Social media management skills

ALi UP from Andrey Andonov on Vimeo.

Social Media Management - Blind Tiger Collective

Social Media Management – Blind Tiger Collective