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Google PageRank is Back!

Just a quick update for you now to let you know, in case you haven't already heard, that Google PageRank is back, for now at least. And, it's actually made me happier than it probably should have. The SEO world is all a chatter today as Google pageranks around the globe, which haven't been updated since way earlier this year, and according to Matt Cutts were due ...

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Onsite SEO – The SEO Anatomy of a Blog Post

Onsite SEO - you've probably heard the term but now it's time for me to really open up my SEO toolbox and give those of you who read this the not-so-secret secret sauce for onsite SEO, or, at least how I do my onsite SEO. It all starts with a target keyword. In the graphic below the keyword is "first words" and, as the graphic shows, first words are important for ...

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Get Into Your SEO Gym

You ready for a bit of an SEO analogy? Well, even if you're not, here it comes - your website is your gym and bicep curls are you SEO efforts. When we get new clients asking us to build WordPress sites for them and then enquiring about on-going SEO services I then pull out the SEO gym analogy to give clients a good understanding of what SEO involves. The ...

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Search Engine Optimisation – Push Yourself

It was Thomas Edison who said "Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration" and if you want to succeed in search engine optimisation then you'll have to sweat a lot. You have to push yourself and be persistent with it. When you are starting out set some targets and work towards them, form a routine and just push hard. Search engine optimisation can be a demanding ...

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