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Aer Lingus Planes Twitterised – Genius or PR Stunt?

If ever you needed proof of the rise of social media and Twitter use then Aer Lingus provide it. Aer Lingus have just adorned their planes with their Twitter handle and tweeted a picture of it, with the tag line "Have you followed us yet?" and the hashtag of "#SocialJet". However, one must wonder is it just big Twitter publicity stunt? This to me is another sign ...

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Have We Hit Peak Social Media?

So, true story this, but I recently came across this post on Google+ and it got me thinking - have we hit peak social media? Spurred on by the notion I started the search to find out how many users are on social media sites currently. Most social media managers can all rattle off some of the more popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc but I wanted to ...

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