Do You Know LadyUmbrella?

Posted on November 18, 2013

Did you ever hear of LadyUmbrella? I sure hope you did – but I’m very biased on the matter!

LadyUmbrella Ladies T-Shirts - LadyUmbrella and the Trike - Fashion Style OneLGBefore I became a WordPress developer or SEO guy I was busy online with a business I set up with Elena Montes called LadyUmbrella. LadyUmbrella launched in 2008 with a range of quirky, colourful and unique t-shirts (sure isn’t everything unique I hear you say) that featured the leading character, LadyUmbrella – a lady with an umbrella for a head – and some of her feathered friends in all sorts of interesting scenes and scenarios. Each t-shirt had a story to it like this one for LadyUmbrella and the Trike (pictured) “LadyUmbrella is a fitness fanatic who unfortunately completely misunderstood the demanding sport which is triathlon. This scene depicts Lady Umbrella preparing herself for the rigours of triathlon with the assistance of the motivating, yet adorable, Costa (the chick).” – each story was a bit well, off the wall, but hopefully endearing.

Since launching in 2008 things went excellently. We sold thousands of t-shirts to over 35 different countries around the world which, in my book, is kind of narly (possibly something to do with a desire to delay the transience of time via something that may persist longer than me but that’s a tale for a different day) and was going all guns blazing until early last year. That is when my mother sadly got sick and subsequently passed away – her death knocked the wind out of my sails, took the spotlight off LadyUmbrella and hence, for the last 18 months, LadyUmbrella hasn’t gotten the attention she has deserved.

Do You Know LadyUmbrella?

Now though we are rebuilding. We are trying to reconnect with the thousands of people who helped us build the LadyUmbrella brand up to where it was via social media and that is why I’d hope you might be interested in this tale.

I’m going to get active again on the LadyUmbrella Facebook and Twitter pages and a lot of what I show and teach clients how to do is exactly what I’m going to do. So, if you feel like reverse engineering a social media strategy or two, please feel free to check those pages. I’m also in the process of sprucing up the old LadyUmbrella site – needless to say it’s going to be WordPress based (what else?) and that is partly why I’ve been so quiet with blogs here for the last week.

So many balls in the air – it’s a fun time. Anyway, I’ve got to get back to the grind but stay tuned – more posts coming soon as I’ve lots of new WordPress sites about to launch.

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