Don’t Under Value Free

Posted on August 23, 2013

I recently met with a new client who has an online digital product, a Feng Shui e-book, and contacted me for some social media consulting on how market her product. After meeting this client I had a real “Dear Diary” moment but first I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t under value free.

This client wanted to sell more of her Feng Shui e-books online but wasn’t too sure of the social media strategy to use to achieve her goals. I did an analysis of her existing online endeavours and quickly came to the conclusion that she had to be a “thought leader” in the Feng Shui niche and suggested she set up online profiles to talk about Feng Shui generically as opposed to having social profiles set up for her e-book.

On these new social profiles she’d curate the best Feng Shui related content, share articles, info, infographics and tidbits relating to Feng Shui. She’d actively ask her fans and followers to ask her any questions they have on Feng Shui for her to answer. I told her to give away as much stuff and info as possible – for free.

Don’t Under Value Free

But, why do you that you might thinking? Why just talk generically about Feng Shui as opposed to focusing on her own product? When people are using social media they don’t like to be sold to – or, at least, I don’t. Most people when using social media are using it to remain in contact with friends or family – the don’t want to be bothered with updates from people trying to sell hard.

It’s a head scratcher and it’s somewhat counter intuitive..

However, if you can give people info that they are actually interested in and, that old cliche of “provide value” then people will warm to you and begin to recognise you as the leader in that particular niche. Often times a lot of this value has to be given away for free but it comes back in spades.

Don't Under Value Free Feng ShuiIt’s a head scratcher and it’s somewhat counter intuitive to focus on providing free stuff to people but it if the value of free wasn’t undervalued then it wouldn’t be a head scratcher. The power of reciprocity is often over looked online even though it is one of the basic and, influential, social constucts in the offline world.

By giving people good info that will benefit them, and by providing it for free, they will grow to trust and value you. Without trust and the perception of value online sales are practically impossible hence you really shouldn’t under value free! To see how valuable giving stuff away for free can be check out Gary Vaynerchuk who is building an empire on the back of giving people info for free.

Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below – do you under value free? Also, for today only, it’s totally free for you to press the share buttons to the left, so, indulge yourself.

Oooh, and, my Dear Diary moment. This client was the very first enquiry I ever received on my site and I received it as the site was still being developed. Not all leads end up converting but I can etch it in stone that my brand new site delivered some business when it wasn’t even fully finished – happy days!

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