Dublin Fashion Week 2013 – Update

Posted on August 9, 2013

Following on from my last post about Dublin Fashion Week 2013 I thought I’d give you a brief, two pronged, update. The first prong of the update is about how the Dublin Fashion Week 2013¬† project itself is progressing and the second prong is about the power of good on-site SEO.

Myself and my website developing compadre Niall launched the DFF.ie site a few weeks back and since then have been helping them out with their SEO and their social media promotion with some very positive results. Traffic to the site, whilst a closely guarded secret, is significantly higher than it was this time last year. This is due to a variety of reasons like the festival being in it’s fourth year but both the social media promotion and SEO campaigns are delivering healthy traffic. Social media promotion has accounted for 36.5% of the total traffic to the site since launch with organic traffic racking¬† up 26% of total traffic. Undoubtedly the organic traffic traffic % (and volume) will increase in time as the site gets more bedded in.

Dublin Fashion Week 2013 – Update

Now, the 2nd prong of this update follows on from the last point about organic traffic. My first blog post about the Dublin Fashion Week 2013 is now getting some rather interesting SERP – and only because of onsite SEO. The screenshot below shows my blog post in 4th spot on google.com for the term “Dublin Fashion Week 2013”. If you search for it yourself now you might get a different results set but I can assure no photo-shopping was done to the image (I’m useless with Photoshop!).

Dublin Fashion Week 2013

Dublin Fashion Week 2013 – SERP

So, how did this happen? By understanding how on-site SEO works and implementing it your pages will rank higher in Google. On-site SEO alone will never enough to get your site or pages to the top for ultra competitive keywords but by putting down solid on-site SEO foundations your page will have a chance, just like mine did for Dublin Fashion Week 2013!

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