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Posted on October 25, 2013

After the recent launch of the Dine in Dublin site the penny dropped for myself and Niall that we have hit a bit of a rich vein of business when it comes to Dublin restaurant websites. In the past we were kept busy with wedding websites, thinking that we’d caught the flowers, but now we’ve noticed an uptick in enquiries from Dublin restaurants looking to get their website spruced up.

We have a fair bit of experience in Dublin restaurant website arena as well. I myself used to work in Pyg Restaurant and whilst in charge of their marketing I built their existing site with Niall (this site proved to be the site that got me going in the WordPress Web Design world and I have been building WordPress sites ever since!). Another restaurant that we’ve done some work for in the past is the lovely Italian, Toscana, in Dun Laoighre. They recently wanted to add on a mailing list feature to their site – not a problem said myself and Niall.

Dublin Restaurant Websites

Now, as I said, since the launch of the Dine in Dublin website we’ve received a few more enquiries to develop sites for Dublin based restaurants. Myself and Niall are considering putting together a special design package for restaurant websites. Whilst it’s true that no two sites are ever going to be exactly the same there is definitely a lot of overlap and consistent features amongst all restaurant websites so we’re just thinking of trying to bottle that as it were.

Dublin Restaurant Websites - Dine in Dublin

Dublin Restaurant Websites – Dine in Dublin

And, just a quick word on the Dine in Dublin site. The site has been heavily trafficked the last week during the Dine in Dublin festival and, thanks to the hosting upgrade from Spiral, it hasn’t suffered any down time at all. Not only that, a little SEO feather in the cap, is the fact that the site has received most of it’s traffic from organic search – nice! When building that site we really optimised it for search relating to Dublin restaurants so will be interesting to see how it continues to grow!

Anyway, enough jibba jabba – I have sites to finish! If you’re looking to get a site done for your restaurant or business, get in touch!

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