Hunter Labour Hire SEO Case Study – Sexy Curves

Posted on January 3, 2017

The start of January is always a great time to take stock, look back at the year that was and to reflect on what is working and what isn’t working. In this post we’ll talk a bit about a client of ours, Sydney based Hunter Labour Hire, who we have been working with for about 15 months now. Initially we were contracted for logo design and WordPress web development but upon completion of those projects we then started our ongoing SEO – and that is when the games really began! Read on to find out about our process, the results, thoughts from the client and future plans for HLH.

Ongoing SEO Process – A Quick Overview

Our ongoing SEO process takes an holistic view of SEO. Everything which a company does should feed into the sites SEO – be it online of offline – and a core part of our process is getting to know you and your business. Via monthly client meetings we are able to get a good idea of your business needs, and sometimes opportunities, and marry the needs to the sites SEO. On a weekly basis new SEO optimised blog content is added to your site and clients are provided a variety of graphics to allow multiple social shares of the same piece of content. Whilst it may not seem like a big deal this allows clients to get the most out of their blog posts in the short term whilst also benefiting the sites SEO in the long term. The above is a really, really condensed version of the process but think of us as the eye in the sky – monitoring everything, seeing where site traffic is coming from, watching how it converts, identifying site issues or conversion blockers and removing them and generally ensuring that the site is always in rude SEO health to keep Google happy.

Think of us as the eye in the sky – monitoring everything, seeing where site traffic is coming from, watching how it converts, identifying site issues or conversion blockers and removing them

Ridiculous SEO Results & Those Sexy Curves

I can’t lie to you here, HLH are a great client who engage fully in the SEO process and so are now really reaping the rewards and so in that regard this graph is a bit of a unicorn and it’s sexy SEO curves may never be replicated.

The below graph shows the month on month growth from November 2015 to November 2016 and for that period there was always organic traffic growth, always. The top line represents total traffic to the site and the lower one the total traffic derived from organic traffic. We focus on this metric as it’s one that the ongoing SEO efforts impacts the most. Over the course of the year organic traffic rose by a whopping 1040% – not too bad at all!

Furthermore – and for all you business owners out there perhaps more importantly, organic traffic accounted for about 40-45% of all site goals, conversions and business. Again, not too bad at all.

Hunter Labour Hire SEO Results - Sexy SEO Curves

For us this graph, and the results that we’ve gotten for other clients, is proof positive that the ongoing SEO process we have is one that works and is one that all clients can engage with. To be honest, we’re a little bit surprised at how good the results have been for some of our clients but you keep doing the right things and the results will come. Some of our other clients have dropped PPC advertising completely in favour of ongoing SEO and others are reviewing all offline activity so that it falls more in line with SEO goals. This is one of the best testimonials we can get to hear that budget is being shifted from other departments to what we’re doing but, on the topic of testimonials, here is one for you.

Thoughts From The Client

The below is from Nigel, the business operations manager for HLH, and one of the members of the HLH team that we were in contact with regularly throughout the year. The below is a copy/paste from the testimonial left on LinkedIn (for those Doubting Thomases out there you can view it and other testimonials here)
Following on from Rob and his teams fantastic work on the development and design of our website we knew that we had an expert in all things online on our hands who could help our website perform and get the best business leads to help us succeed. 12 months of SEO, Social Media Marketing and Website Management later we can safely say we have achieved this and more. Highly recommended!

SEO Needle Mover - Hunter Labour Hire - WordPress Developer

Future Plans for HLH

Another hallmark of success is what one has in the pipeline and thanks to the stellar year that was HLH have been able to take on 5 new full time staff throughout the year, moved into a larger premises and have plans to expand their core business offering as well as open up a new branch in Melbourne. For us we’re delighted to have been able to help get this business to where it is now and look forward to helping it continue to grow. It is eye opening and really goes to show what is possible with one year of hard graft, an SEO plan and a willingness to take a leap of faith that SEO can work!

Start Your Own Sexy SEO Curve!

If you’d like to engage us for an SEO project so that we can try get you some sexy SEO curves like the above then get in touch with us today by e-mailing or contact us online!

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