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How To Get Over 250 Shares on Google Plus – Google Plus Tips

Did you see my recent post about the differences between Google Authorship and Publisher? That post is the closest post I've had to a super post as it's been shared over 250 times on Google Plus and has been linked to more times than I can easily count - all good stuff. Now, it would be great if every post was shared over 250 times on Google Plus however that is not ...

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The Google Plus Awakening – 7 Of the Best To Help You Down The Rabbit Hole

Are you thinking about using Google Plus in 2014? As 2014 kicks off there is no better time to look back and reflect on the year that was 2013 and in particular having a look back with an eye on Google Plus. I have a particular eye on Google Plus because I think it has been one of the key developments in 2013 for the online marketing and SEO world and, on a personal ...

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Google Plus K1 Challenge – Round Up

I don't know if you heard about my Google Plus K1 Challenge but on December 1st I set a target of getting to 1,000 followers on Google Plus by December 31st. I hit that figure at about 2pm on Saturday 21st December and as of writing this the current count is 1,079 followers - happy days. In this post I'll give a recap of what I did to more than double my follower ...

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The Google Plus K1 Challenge – Google Plus Tips

You might have come across the ultimate motivational graphic ever which was designed to help me push on and hit my Google Plus challenge goal. 3 days ago I threw down the gauntlet to make 1000 connections on Google Plus before the New Year and now, this post is to formalise it, well, as much as a blog post can formalise anything. As the graphic shows I've got 526 ...

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