The Google Plus Awakening – 7 Of the Best To Help You Down The Rabbit Hole

Posted on January 3, 2014

Are you thinking about using Google Plus in 2014? As 2014 kicks off there is no better time to look back and reflect on the year that was 2013 and in particular having a look back with an eye on Google Plus. I have a particular eye on Google Plus because I think it has been one of the key developments in 2013 for the online marketing and SEO world and, on a personal level, has been an eye opening, most excellent adventure for me. It’s safe to say my Google Plus awakening occurred in 2013 and the posts below show how one aspect of G+ then led to another which took me deeper down the rabbit hole culminating in an all out challenge! Maybe after reading you’ll go down the rabbit hole and start your own challenge?

I’ll outline some of my previous posts that you may have missed regarding Google Plus which have gotten me so excited about the platform and who knows, they just might get you excited about it too!

The Google Plus Awakening – 7 Of the Best To Help You Down The Rabbit Hole

Google Plus Awakening - Go Down The Rabbit Hole1) Google Plus – is IT Permanent?
This was one of my first posts about Google Plus and I’m very thankful that my initial journey into Google Plus began this way. A post by Demian Farnworth of Copyblogger got my juices flowing about the scope of Google Plus and from the outset I didn’t view Google Plus as just a social media network but instead viewed it as something more.. and it is.

2) Is Google Plus a Social Media Coup D’Etat?
My Google Plus binge continued with pace throughout the year and after considering the possible permanency of Google Plus I then mulled the long term viability of Google Plus. After seeing some jaw dropping stats regarding G+ influence for SEO from Moz I was then of the opinion that G+ is the heir apparent for the social media throne and that it was time to take it seriously.

3) Google Plus for SEO – Feed The Beast
After touching the surface with regards to Google Plus authority in the coup d’etat post it didn’t take long for me to come across Mark Traphagen and Eric Enge – two names synonymous with Google Plus authority (who you should be following!). After reading some of their work and looking into Google Plus more I then started to use Google Plus for SEO with real fervor (and I think you should too).

4) Google Plus Usage in the United States – Guest Post by Jesse Wojdylo
My assimilation into Google Plus continued when I won the G+ lottery and Jesse Wojdylo did a guest post for my blog on Google Plus Usage in the US. I found this post interesting because at the time Google Plus was akin to a ghost town for me, despite my enthusiasm for the platform, and so to see that it wasn’t a ghost town for all was relieving. After reading Jesses post I knew I’d persevere with the platform and subsequently did a post on Google Plus Usage in Ireland – chalk and cheese.

5) Is Google Plus The Coolest Superpower No One Thought to Wish For?
By now in my Google Plus journey I’ve just had my eyes opened to the power of it – Jesse at the time had 250k circlers which blew me away. I wondered what might happen if he were located here (in Ireland) – what sway would he have on search engines? Heck, what sway might any of us have? This post, coupled with the last one, really fired me up to get really active on Google Plus and to try put some of what I have learned, read and researched to good use. It also features a HoA video featuring Mark Traphagen and Eric Enge – crucial viewing.

6) The Google Plus K1 Challenge
With fire in the belly on December 1st I embarked on a challenge to increase my follower count and engagement on Google Plus. Everything I had read, and written, about Google Plus as I went further down the rabbit hole led me to this point and I laid out my mission and how I was going to achieve it (I did :)). In this post I outlined the steps that I was going to take to hit my target – if you’re new to Google Plus and not sure how to get more engagement and value out of the platform I hope this post will be of particular use to you. I’d also encourage you to start your own challenge, don’t knock it til you try it..

7) You Had Me At Hovercard – Google Plus Hovercard Infographic
This was posted shortly after I kicked off the K1 mission and I was blown away by the response the post got. It was the closest thing I had come to “going viral” as it was shared about 100 times and viewed 25,000+ times and was probably the most important thing for my Google Plus existence to date. The post helped open a few doors for me which in turn led to more doors and opportunities and well, it made going down the rabbit hole worth it.

The Google Plus Awakening – 7 Of the Best To Help You Down The Rabbit Hole

And, that to me, crystalises the benefits of Google Plus in a nutshell – it is a serendipity engine, you go down the rabbit hole, put good stuff into it and then all sorts of good stuff comes back. It took me a few months to grasp what Google Plus is (or, to be more exact, grasp what I know about it) and the ramifications of G+ for SEO and social media marketing – now that I have been awakened to it there is no going back.

If you’re looking to try something new in 2014 I really recommend going down the Google Plus rabbit hole – it has been an enriching experience for me (on every level for you ROI hungry dogs) and can be for you too. Why not kick off one of your own missions to get engrossed in G+ and from there, wherever the rabbit hole takes you! Comment below if you start one and would love to hear your thoughts on G+ in general…

Oh, and Happy New Year everyone!

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