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SEO Hellfire and Prudent Perseverance

SEO sometimes has dirty, seedy connotations to it doesn't it? Like it's some sort of black voodoo, Google manipulating, SERP discombobulating magic but it really isn't and doesn't have to be. SEO is about the little gains, the incremental forward growth and the focus on real life business results, not the fluffy traffic that gives a warm tingly "ooooh, I'm close to a ...

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Onsite SEO – The SEO Anatomy of a Blog Post

Onsite SEO - you've probably heard the term but now it's time for me to really open up my SEO toolbox and give those of you who read this the not-so-secret secret sauce for onsite SEO, or, at least how I do my onsite SEO. It all starts with a target keyword. In the graphic below the keyword is "first words" and, as the graphic shows, first words are important for ...

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