SEO Hellfire and Prudent Perseverance

Posted on July 15, 2014

SEO sometimes has dirty, seedy connotations to it doesn’t it? Like it’s some sort of black voodoo, Google manipulating, SERP discombobulating magic but it really isn’t and doesn’t have to be. SEO is about the little gains, the incremental forward growth and the focus on real life business results, not the fluffy traffic that gives a warm tingly “ooooh, I’m close to a new daily record” feeling, but actual results that can make a difference. What now follows is a somewhat personal story about good old SEO hellfire and prudent perseverance.

My long suffering girlfriend and graphic designer extraordinaire set up her site about a year ago. Well, I tell a lie, I set her site up a year ago but since then she has held the fort down and blogged, albeit, at times, under the duress of me breathing SEO hellfire down her neck and chanting the mantra “you’ve got to blog!” I’d like to consider my input motivational but regardless, I was results driven and wanted her to get results.

SEO Hellfire and Prudent Perseverance

SEO HellFire and Prudence PerseveranceThroughout the last year Elena has blogged about logo design, infographic design and other bits and pieces relating to graphic design. English isn’t her mother tongue but she persevered and followed some of the basic onsite SEO principles and as a result, much to her delight, her site is now yielding solid leads and results. This week being a record week for new client acquisition for her and she is now finding herself busier than ever.

Long story short is you’ve got to keep doing the little things right for SEO. Elena, by her own admission – and fault (I can get away with saying that) – isn’t active enough on her Google Plus or Twitter accounts to send more positive social signals to Google but by having a somewhat solid site foundation (site could do with an overhaul, but, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it comes into play) and perseverance she is seeing results.

You might ask about traffic stats? Oh so curious I bet you are and you know what, they are not astronomical, in fact not huge in the slightest but they are targeted. With a goal conversion rate of about 10% you don’t need that much traffic. Not only that but 65% + of all her traffic comes from organic search, qualified and interested in her services. Targeting and being SEO goal orientated allows you to get the traffic you need to build the business you want to be the person – you want to be!
(…and I think I just crossed over the cheesy line, but I hope you got my point!)

Anyway, Elena will continue to blog as I shall continue to breathe SEO hellfire however, now that she has seen the results and has a fully fledged graphic design business of her own, she’ll probably more self motivated.

If you’d like some SEO hellfire yourself, or think I could help you – someway, somehow – then get in touch and keep blogging!

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