FirstLight Charity – WordPress Site Launch

Posted on November 27, 2014
FirstLight Charity Wordpress Site Launch

Just a quick post about a recent WordPress site launch we had for FirstLight. FirstLight are a new the Irish charity, formally known as ISIDA (Irish Sudden Infant Death Association), and deal with sudden deaths of children and kids. We've done a few charity sites in the past like Cork Autism and so it was good to be able to use some of our WordPress skills for another worthwhile charity. The site itself is fully responsive and the online hub ...

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Born of and Made for Google Plus – Story of an Infographic

Posted on November 18, 2014
Born of and Made for Google Plus - Infographic

Can you name a network that promotes collaboration, and global collaboration at that, more than Google Plus? I can't, and this project that myself and graphic designer Elena Montes were involved in with Martin Shervington prove it definitively. This is the story of an infographic which was born of and made for Google Plus. Read on! A few months back, after our first serendipitous infographic, Martin got in touch to see if we'd be interested ...

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Blog Post 101 and an Intense Pep Talk!

Posted on November 11, 2014
Blog Post 101 and Intense Pep Talk

Some blog posts are more serious than others, this one wouldn't fall into that category but it is an important post none the less. This post is the 101st blog post I've published to the site since going live. It's nice little milestone and one worth marking, using for averages (I love averages) and a bit of a pep talk. Listen up ;) The very first post to this site was on July 15th 2013 - called Social Media Logo A Go Go (I've always had a ...

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WordPress Site Launch –

Posted on November 10, 2014
WordPress Site Launch - HaigWhisky

It's another week and another new WordPress site launch and this time it's an extra special one. Haig Whisky is the oldest Scotch Whisky in the world and to be able to work on this site was a lot of fun (and I learned a good chunk about whisky). This site is slightly different to other sites I've worked on in the past and I'll explain that a bit later. Another exciting aspect of this site is that Haig are in full promotion mode after launching ...

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WordPress Site Launch – The Amazing!

Posted on October 29, 2014
WordPress Site Launch - StoryToys

As WordPress site launches go this one for, one of the leading kids apps developers in the world, this was one extra special! They have been top of the iTunes charts in their genre on numerous occasions and have won multiple awards and so to work with them and build their new WordPress site was a pleasure. So, lets talk about the pleasure. WordPress Site Launch - The Amazing! The site is their new online hub and ...

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Tsu Social Network – Tsunami, Tsunation, Tsu What?

Posted on October 23, 2014
Tsu social network - what is tsu - Robert Ryan

Have you heard about Tsu yet? Tsu is a new invite only social network that is trying to shake up the current social media model and I think it's worth telling you about it. It's stated aim is to pay the users of the network for using it and will only retain 10% of advertising revenues for the upkeep of the network. The network only just launched on the 21st of October but already some users are sharing screenshots showing hundreds of dollars in ...

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How To Make Friends & Influence People On Google Plus with Thomas Hanna

Posted on October 23, 2014
How To Make Friends & Influence People on Google Plus - Thomas Hanna - cover

You're very welcome to the latest Blogging Warfare Hangout on Air review! The show is going from strength to strength and there is a site launch imminent now which is pretty exciting. Anyway, the last HoA was all about How To Make Friends and Influence People on Google Plus and featured one of the rising stars on the platform, Thomas Hanna from BlogPhoto.TV. Thomas has been blogging for years but has done something on Google Plus that I ...

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WordPress Site Launch –

Posted on October 7, 2014
WordPress Site Launch - BestLogs

Just a quick post to let you know about a recent e-commerce WordPress site that has just gone live for are the no.1 provider of kiln dried logs in Dublin and now have a nice site to reflect that fact. The site itself is fully responsive and features a fully integrated e-commerce system. BestLogs offer free shipping for local delivery and a flat rate for national deliveries and so the site had to cater for this, not a ...

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Amazon Affiliate WordPress Site – Quick Guide

Posted on September 12, 2014
Amazon Affiliate WordPress Site Start Up Guide - Header

Have you ever wanted to set up an Amazon Affiliate WordPress site? Heard about the potential riches being involved in the Amazon affiliate scheme can bring and want to try set a site of your own up? Well, then, this quick guide to setting up Amazon Affiliate WordPress site is for you! First things first - I'm not an Amazon guru and have very little experience with affiliates but I do hope that I'm a quick learner and a good at relaying what ...

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SEO Review & Site Speed Tune UP –

Posted on September 8, 2014
SEO Review & Site Speed Tune Up - Toscana

As well as WordPress web development one other service that we offer is an SEO review and site speed tune up. We recently completed one for the very successful, an Italian Restaurant in Dublin. The purpose of the SEO review was to identify any onsite SEO weaknesses in titles, meta description, image names/alt tags and all the other aspects that make up on site SEO. is a site that we built a few years back and so already ...

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