SEO Review & Site Speed Tune UP –

Posted on September 8, 2014

As well as WordPress web development one other service that we offer is an SEO review and site speed tune up. We recently completed one for the very successful, an Italian Restaurant in Dublin. The purpose of the SEO review was to identify any onsite SEO weaknesses in titles, meta description, image names/alt tags and all the other aspects that make up on site SEO. is a site that we built a few years back and so already ranks highly being no.1 for “Italian Restaurant Dun Laoghaire” and a host of other keywords. And so the objective of this SEO review was to slightly refocus the SEO efforts rather than a complete overhaul. Much like Dr. Laserbeam adjusting the trajectory of his laser beam we had to reorientate the site to go after bigger, broader keywords. The next objective for the now is to get to no.1 for “Italian Restaurant Dublin“. The site currently ranks in 12th position in for the term “Italian Restaurant Dublin” so watch this space!

SEO Review & Site Speed Tune UP –

SEO Review & Site Speed Tune Up Toscana ResultsOne factor that can’t be overlooked nowadays for SEO is site speed. had no caching in place and so we set that up. One of the largest factors for slow site loading times that we’ve found is image size and so that was one of the first issues we addressed. Some content which had been added to the site contained images which were over 7.5mbs in size – a sure fire way to slow down the site. The most egregious offenders were edited and reduced in size. Before the quick site speed tune up the site received an F(17) from Google speed test and D(69) from yslow. Post the site speed tweaks C(74) from Google and B(84) which should aid the SEO efforts.

All in all we’re confident that this site will continue to be a strong performer and the recent SEO review and updates will help the site rank for the new broader keywords – watch this space.

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