WordPress Site Launch – HaigWhisky.com

Posted on November 10, 2014

It’s another week and another new WordPress site launch and this time it’s an extra special one. Haig Whisky is the oldest Scotch Whisky in the world and to be able to work on this site was a lot of fun (and I learned a good chunk about whisky). This site is slightly different to other sites I’ve worked on in the past and I’ll explain that a bit later. Another exciting aspect of this site is that Haig are in full promotion mode after launching Haig Club – a new single grain whisky they’ve released in conjunction with none other than David Beckham!

HaigWhisky.com is the online fan hub for Haig Whisky and run by whisky enthusiast, writer and expert Stuart McNamara. The site contains information about Haig Whisky as well as as a slick affiliate sales integration. I’ve discussed Amazon Affiliate WordPress setup before but this site takes a slightly more bespoke route. Some products on the site are from Amazon and others are from Whiskey Exchange and the Master of Malt and so to accommodate we used DataFeedr to tame the affiliates. We then used some custom shortcodes and views so that the automation of the site was kept to a minimum – just product images, buy now & price are pulled in via shortcode and everything else is manually inputted. We opted for this approach for full SEO control.

WordPress Site Launch – HaigWhisky.com

Haig Whisky - Pooka Scale

The Pooka Scale

Visually the site looks great and it is arguably one of the nicest homepages I’ve ever built – it just looks really slick and this is largely due to the full control that we had over the development. I mentioned that this was a slightly different site and so here is the skinny.

When Stuart first approached us I saw a ton of potential given the domain name, the niche and his expertise in the whisky sphere. As a result instead of just doing SEO work we’ve formed an ongoing relationship with Stuart and have lots of other projects in the pipeline. Stuart gave Niall, Elena & myself complete control of the site and the end result is something that is functional, user friendly, SEO’d and rather pretty. Big thanks to Elena for all the graphic work. This site could also be a key turning point for us and we may consider opening up an agency wing of sorts to cater to a different market – we have the skill set so why not?

WordPress Site Launch – HaigWhisky.com

As always SEO is central to everything we do and HaigWhisky.com was no different. This site has been specifically built with SEO in mind and the site is already ranking extremely highly for global searches relating to Haig Whisky. We are going to work with Stuart on an ongoing basis to enhance his SEO and to continue to raise his profile. There are lots of big things in the pipeline relating to this project and well (Pooka scale anyone?), it really is exciting – I’m a giddy little WordPress developer ;)

Anyway, if you’re looking to get yourself a tipple for Christmas make sure you swing by HaigWhisky.com and if you’re looking for a site for Christmas, then, hire me!

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