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Posted on July 31, 2013

I’m all about practicing what I preach and I hope that what I preach is beneficial to you. One of the things I preach about non stop is SEO, or search engine optimisation for those of you that aren’t yet a member of the choir.

With my new site taking shape I figured there is no better time than now to start The SEO Diaries with this weeks post about SERPs (fyi, SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page). What I’ll try to do in these near weekly posts is to chronicle the ups and downs, trials and tribulations and swings and roundabouts of SEO. One day you’re top of the pile and next day you’ve dropped down a few spots. Or, as is the case for this site and all new sites, you start at the bottom and have to work your way to the top.

SERP Watch – The SEO Diaries

This site has been live now for about a week or so and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m tracking anything that so much as thinks about moving on the site. Some of my main, highly competitive keywords, are starting to rise to the surface a little bit in the SERP. “WordPress Developer” as you can imagine is one of my main keywords and the climb to the top has begun with the WordPress Developer keyword now coming in in 32nd place in

SEO WordPress Developer

SEO WordPress Developer

Another keyword that I’m keeping a watchful eye on in the SERPs is Social Media Management Ireland. Whilst I enjoy building websites I’m also a fan of helping people get the most out of their social media and so I hope that this keyword, amongst others, will deliver me some lovely social media leads. Thus far the dizzying heights of page 2 in Google has been hit for this keyword as it comes in 20th.

SEO Social Media Management Ireland

SEO Social Media Management Ireland

If you’re new to this online world what I want you to take away from this post are these two points:

  1. With SEO you’ll start on the bottom and have to work your way to the top. Understand that from the get go.
  2. The journey to the top can be a pleasant one but you’ve got to “get into it”, get nerdy, embrace the analytics and then you’ll get a real kick out of seeing your pages rise in the SERP (or at least I do!)

Anyway, until the next update in SERP Watch – The SEO Diaries, may your keywords always be ranking.

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