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Posted on August 16, 2013

Following on from last edition of the SEO Diaries – SERP Watch – this week it’s time to discuss some of the fruits of your SEO labour – web traffic. You need and want web traffic, you crave it and yearn for it but that’s ok – I do too. Web traffic can come to you from all sorts of avenues like social media campaigns, pay per click advertising, banner ads etc but today we’ll focus on organic web traffic as that’s what your SEO labour will get you.

The only way to determine where your web traffic is coming from is by having some sort of tracking on your site – pretty basic stuff really. If you don’t yet have something like Google Analytics or Clicky (which I use and recommend) hooked up yet then do so. If it’s your first time you’ll love it, you’ll get giddy seeing people from all over the globe somehow or other arriving to your site. And then, the best part, you’ll know how that web traffic has found it’s way to your site.

Web Traffic – The SEO Diaries

Web Traffic

Web Traffic – We all want it

As I said we’re going to hone in on organic web traffic as that’s what SEO is all about. To get organic web traffic you need to get a lot of things right on your site and do your best to avoid getting anything wrong for fear of a Google slap. One of the first things you have to do when thinking about organic traffic is think about what keywords people might use when searching for something. Spend some time on the Google Keyword Research Tool to see how much traffic and what the competition is like for those keywords. Once you’ve found your keywords, and your SEO foundations are in place (this is a vital prerequisite – if your site was developed for you by somebody check to make sure your foundations are sound), then the answer to getting organic web traffic is right in front of you!

For organic web traffic and honing in on a niche there are few other more cost effective ways than keyword laden blog posts with quality content. If you happen to have found this page via a Google search (oh, and how I hope you have) then voila.

The three things I want you to take away from this post are

  1. If you don’t have it done already then get some analytics on your site pronto otherwise you’re shooting in the dark – no fun!
  2. Check that your SEO foundations are firmly in place otherwise you’ll be jogging slowly in quicksand – no fun!
  3. Spend some time doing keyword research to find yourself some juicy keywords – surprisingly fun!

Alright so, that concludes this weeks edition of the SEO Diaries. Next time I’ll give you some of the secret sauce for onsite SEO, until then comment below with your thoughts and may your keywords always be ranking.

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