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Have We Hit Peak Social Media – October Update

Hard to believe that this is now the 4th month of tracking the stats on peak social media usage. It's not an exact science as accurate social media user data is hard to come by but in time these stats may become useful, or if nothing else, interesting. And, on the topic of interesting but perhaps useless info, this also happens to be my 50th blog post since my first ...

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Have We Hit Peak Social Media – September Update

You ready for the September update on social media usage? In July and August I expanded upon the work of expandedramblings.com (if you can please pardon the pun) to see how many users the top 25 social media sites have between them and September is no different. I started keeping track of the top 25 social media sites in July so that, in time, a hopefully useful ...

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Have We Hit Peak Social Media? – Follow Up

I figured it was time for the August update on whether or not we have hit peak social media. If you missed my first post on the subject last month I'll quickly give you the downlow now. A post got my juices going last month to try find out how many users there currently are on social media and to try track the trend in social media usage with a view to trying to ...

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